Rocket League Upgrades For Xbox One X

Rocket League Upgrades For Xbox One X

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Rocket League Upgrades For Xbox One X
Rocket League is being upgraded for Xbox One X, and this is going to be great news for all the fans of the game! Scheduled for Xbox One X in 2018, the game developers are trying to make an excellent use of the horsepower discovered in the new console of Microsoft. The development is still being worked on at the moment, and when it comes to a conclusion, the goals for Xbox One X will be 60 frames per second at 4K with the assistance of full HDR (High Dynamic Range) only if you enjoy the game on HDR TV.

When approaching the launching date, more details about Xbox One X will be revealed to the players. If you already possess Rocket League on Xbox One or Xbox One S, the replica will move to the Xbox One X if collecting the new console.

Xbox Live Gold and Rocket League

A free copy of Rocket League game will be sent directly to the people who already bought a three-month Xbox Live Gold subscription card beginning from June 12 to June 30. After purchasing the three-month subscription via the console, Rocket League game will be attached to your Xbox Live account if you have no replica yet. For those who purchase a physical subscription card at a regional retailer, they can check out the Rocket League code that is on the receipt. The code can be added to any Xbox Live account which doesn’t possess the game yet.

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