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Are you excited to explore the entire patch notes V1.35 – the anniversary update of Rocket League game? There are lots of interesting content and new stuff added to the game, which will enhance and improve the gaming performances for all players.

The headlines

  • All Playlists and Private Matches now have Champions Field.
  • Engine Audio, Goal Explosions, and Trails have been attached to the game as Car Customization types.
  • Added Overdrive Crate
  • Champions Crate Series has been withdrawn.
  • Competitive Season 4 has come to its conclusion. Now, all the eligible players will receive the Season 4 Rewards.
  • The Competitive Season 5 is launching.
  • You can check out Rick and Morty items as drops after all competitions.


Brand new content


  • Now all Playlists and Private Matches have Champions Field.
  • Already updated and improved Starbase ARC with brand new visuals and decreased brightness.
  • Standardized boost pads in all Standard Arenas.


  • Already attached Overdrive Crate.
  • After being received, in your inventory, you can see the Overdrive Crate as “Crate – Overdrive”.
  • Champions Crate Series has been stopped working and withdrawn.


  • You can check out Trails in the Car Customization menu now.
  • When your Battle-Car becomes SuperSonic, the trails will turn up at the back of the Wheels.
  • Each of player will possess the “Classic” Trail by default.
  • The Overdrive Crate consists of more trails.


Goal Explosions

  • You can check out the Goal Explosions in the Car Customization menu.
    • Each of players will possess the “Classic” Goal Explosion by default.
    • You can find out brand new Goal Explosions as Common drops right after online and offline competitions:
      • “Standard Green”
      • “Standard Orange”
      • “Standard Pink”
      • “Standard Purple”
    • The Overdrive Crate consists of more Goal Explosions now.

Engine Audio

  • You can check out the Engine Audio in the Car Customization menu now.
  • You can gain an access to Engine Audio for each of Battle-Car you have.
  • You can switch the Engine Audio on any Battle-Car in your Garage now, excepting for Licensed Battle-Cars.
  • Already updated and improved Engine Audio for all current Battle-Cars
    • Legacy Engine Audio is still accessible as an Engine Audio customization selection.

Community Flags

  • “Gfinity” (Updated)
  • “X Games”
  • “Monstercat”


  • “J!NX”


  • “Monstercat”

Rick and Morty

  • You can gain an access to Rick and Morty items as post-match drops.
    • “Interdimensional GB” Boost
    • “Sanchez DC-137” Wheel
    • “Rick” Antenna
    • “Morty” Antenna
    • “Cromulon” Topper
    • “Mr. PBH” Topper
    • “Mr. Meeseeks” Topper

RLCS Season Three World Championship Items for Attendee

  • All the attendees of the RLCS Season Three World Championship in June are able to redeem the items in the game. All the codes will be sent in July.
    • Item: “Decennium Pro” Wheels
      • For regaining items, you need to visit the “Extras” menu, choose “Redeem Code”, then input your exclusive code.
      • Keep in mind that you can’t trade these wheels.

Achievements and Trophies

  • Storm Trooper
    • Provide a Very Rare Item and finish a game in an Arena with stormy weather.
  • Good Times
    • Go forward to Champions Field and finish an Online game.
  • Swap Meet
    • Exchange and get at least one item with another competitor in one transaction.
  • Trade Secret
    • Trade In five similar items to get a new one that has the subsequent highest quality.
  • Rank Up
    • All placement competitions must be finished in any Competitive Playlist.
      • Keep in mind that you will be able to unlock this achievement after joining a match in any playlist where you already obtained Rank.
  • Coming On Strong
    • Get scores or Help a Combined 30 goals or helps in Casual or Competitive Online competitions


Alterations and Updates


  • Up to 50 Car Preset Slots will be available and accessible for the players now.
  • Already added “Change Preset” button to the conclusion of the game lobby. You are able to switch to another Battle-Car preset without leaving a match.
  • The Controls Options will now have “Dodge Deadzone”
    • With this setting, you are able to manage how far you have to tilt the controller stick in order to turn on a directional dodge move in the air rather than performing a double jump.
    • 0.5 is the default value, and it means that you are supposed to make the stick move more than half of the way to your planned direction for avoiding rather than double jump.
    • 1.0 is the highest value, and it means that you need to control and move the stick in the direction to set off a dodge.
  • Rocket Trails have been renamed, and now it will be called “Rocket Boosts”.
  • If you press Start when you choose Online Players, the matchmaking search will commence.
  • The Boost Meter and Rumble Powerup will become visible when observing a player in Spectator Mode.
  • You can see the Boost Meter and Rumble Powerup now throughout Replays.
  • You will catch sight of a window when you leave a match when you have already signified that you wanted a replay, but you didn’t save a replay.
  • The Matchmaking ticker now has a Maintenance Mode message. This is only visible to you when PsyNet is experiencing the maintenance.
  • “High Contrast Nameplates” will be ON automatically. You can change it back it in the Options Menu.

Competitive Season 4

  • Competitive Season has come to its conclusion. The players that have the highest rank obtained throughout the season will receive titles and items. The rewards of Season 4 are Trails which can’t be traded:
    • “Season 4 – Bronze” Trail
    • “Season 4 – Silver” Trail
    • “Season 4 – Gold” Trail
    • “Season 4 – Platinum” Trail
    • “Season 4 – Diamond” Trail
    • “Season 4 – Champion” Trail
    • “Season 4 Grand Champion” Title
      • Season 4 Grand Champions will be awarded the “Season 4 – Champion” Trail as well.

Competitive Season 5

  • The Competition Season 5 has already started!
  • Season Reward Level will be a new thing added to the Season 5. And it’s considered as a brand new kind of Skill Tier progression.
    • Your Skill ratings are still carried on from Season 4 to Season 5.
    • No need to join and play placement games in this season.
    • The participants will battle against the rivals that have the similar skill ranking in order to gain more wins which will count to your Season 5 Reward Level.
    • Every single level needs 12 wins to beat the players that have the similar Skill Tier or even higher.
      • Ex: A Bronze player has to obtain 12 wins against Bronze Skill Tier opponents or even higher so that he/she are able to unlock Bronze-level Season Rewards.
    • Losses don’t have any influence on your win count progress.

Car Standardization Alterations

  • A brand new kind of card standardization has been carried out, and it will decrease differences in managing and hitbox between the cars that have the similar type. In this first launch, these following cars will be affected:
    • “Octane” Type: Octane, Octane ZSR, Takumi, Takumi RX-T
    • “Dominus” Type: Dominus, Dominus GT, Hotshot
    • “Plank” Type: Batmobile, Mantis, Paladin, Twin Mill, Centio V17
    • “Breakout” Type: Breakout, Breakout Type-S, Animus GP
      • The Breakout hitbox has been broadened a little bit. This will have an effect on all vehicles that utilize its standard type.
    • “Hybrid” Type: Venom, X-Devil, Endo
      • This is a brand new type providing a center ground between “Octane”-type and “Dominus”-type hitboxes.

User Interface

  • Already updated and improved the Find Match window.
    • The casual and competitive Playlist genres are divided by dedicated tabs from now.
    • Your last selected category will be remembered from now.
  • A new “Recommended” Server Region has used as an alternative to the “Select All” option.
  • You will see a warning pop-up message in the trading screen now.
    • Once inviting a certain player to exchange items, you will see a new message with some disclaimers relating to the trade.
    • You are able to put out of action of the message on initial viewing.


  • Already revised and fixed the Engine Audio for all Battle-Cars.
  • Already updated and improved the Music Playlist UI.
    • Rocket League Radio: the players are now able to pick particular soundtrack playlists or select all playlists.
  • Already added 18 brand new songs to the “Rocket League x Monstercat” playlist


Bug Fixes


  • Car Bumping and Demolition have been upgraded.
    • An issue with Car Bumps and Demolishes causing them to be unattended at the broader collision angles has been repaired.
    • A problem where Supersonic FX still worked even though the car was dropping below the lowest speed to Demolish the rivals has been fixed.
  • A problem with the ball falling and bouncing off of the intersections between curved and flat wall segments has been repaired. The bounces should be steadier than before.
  • The car suspension code has been switched in order to decrease the chance of being stuck when you drive up curved surfaces.
  • The stats, like Centers, Saves, and others now operate properly when the No Goal Reset Mutator is operating.
  • Ball won’t be “stuck” in Free Play Training anymore.
  • The party members moving to Free Play Training from the screen after the match won’t be able to stop the Party leaders from matchmaking anymore.
  • The players won’t get a matchmaking prohibition if they exit a Competitive match throughout the final goal replay anymore.
  • An error with the Hexed and Snakeskin decals altering their appearance in the V1.34 Update has been repaired.
  • The wheel effects won’t flicker anymore when you browse or utilize other items in the Garage.
  • The loading screen will show all information properly when you engage in a Rumble or Dropshot competition.
  • For the Steam players, the extra player names in Splitscreen Mode will be exhibited properly in the Party Bar.
  • The duplicate item sound won’t play anymore when you move through items in the Garage.
  • Already improved the Nitro Crate localization for Portuguese and Turkish languages.
  • Ball Cannon becomes invisible accurately between shots in Custom Training levels.
  • For the PS4 users, the cars with three painted items will become visible accurately in the lobbies of the Party Member.
  • Modified the “Crazy Sandwich” Decal on the Ice Charger.
  • You will see an idle warning when you see the midgame menu.
  • Already modified the look of the ball indicator and direction indicator on Aquadome.

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