Patch Notes V1.31

Patch Notes V1.31

- in Rocket League online

The patch notes V1.31 of Rocket League will feature a lot of new content, along with some interesting changes and updates. If you are a fan of this game, then it will be very important for you guys to check out. Try to learn all the new stuff, like arenas, crates, achievements, and find out what changes were made to the game.Patch Notes V1.31


Now you can approach the Dropshot game mode in some playlists that are not ranked.

The Casual and Competitive playlists won’t consist of Neo Tokyo anymore.

Turbo Crate has just been launched in the game. You can find some Painted Endo bodies and Tachyon Rocket Trails in those crates.

You can achieve the Seasonal Easter Items from March 22 to April 17.

The Season 3 of Competitive play is coming to a conclusion, while the Season 4 is able to begin. The player with the highest rank will be received a lot of titles and items.Patch Notes V1.31



  • Core 707 is currently approachable when you play Dropshot.
  • “Manfield (Night) appears in all playlists
  • “Neo Tokyo” isn’t available in Casual and Competitive playlists anymore.
    • You can still access the map in both offline and private matches.
    • You will see the return of Neo Tokyo as a basic layout in the online play in the subsequent update.


  • Already launched the Turbo Crate in the game.
    • Painted Endo bodies and Tachyon Rocket Trails could be discovered in the Turbo Crate.

Patch Notes V1.31


  • The player can get Seasonal Easter Items from March 22 through April 17, as follows:
    • Easter Egg Antenna
    • Bunny Ears Hat
    • Easter Basket Hat


  • If you are a registered voter, you can enter Arena Preferences to utilize all votes you have.
  • Metaverse
    • Supply with the Halo Topper and conquer a match on Starbase ARC
  • Brave the Elements
    • Accomplish a battle under the sea, in space or wasted land.
  • Damage Control
    • Receive a Dropshot match through the shutout.
  • Full Course
    • Complete and achieve 18 goals in total in Dropshot
  • Buckminster
    • x10 Damage 320 panels in total in Dropshot

Patch Notes V1.31



  • Dropshot: Dropshot game mode is approachable in the playlists that are not ranked. In this game mode, the player has to use the ball to smash the floor on the enemy’s side, then shoot the ball through the hole.
  • AquaDome has experienced the performance optimization. The overall color saturation of it was already decreased.
  • The soundtrack now includes “Spell (Sando Remix)” by Hollywood Principle
  • The game now has code redemption. You should open “Extras” menu, choose “Redeem Code”, input the code then you can achieve a lot of new items in the game.
  • Arena Preferences: Now the preference weighting is not complex anymore. The odds of the map are already altered based upon the net percentage of lobby who favors or disfavor the map. If the map is disfavored by all players, it won’t turn up anymore. But if it is favored by a half of players in a lobby, then 50% of the map will turn up more frequently. But if a player favors a map, while another one disfavors, it will also turn up regularly and normally.
  • Time Played can be tracked as a statistic now. Before this update, the tracking won’t consist of the time played.


  • Trading Updates: The Trade interface has undergone an amazing update. The trade donations will turn up on the screen, and you no need to scroll the list.
  • Key Selection: The Options Menu (Use Oldest, Use Newest, or Ask Me) now consists of a brand new “Key Selection” setting. When you select “Ask Me”, you will see a new UI model when you unlock a crate which lets you choose the key for using.
  • Free Play Training: Once selecting “Free Play” from Training Menu, you will be able to choose the map for you to train. You are capable of withdrawing straightly to Free Play from the conclusion of the match menu.
  • Custom Training: Now, the players can totally check out Custom Training sequences which can be played cross-platform too. Also, the players are able to gain an access to the custom training feature even if they don’t go online. With the addition of a new Featured tab, it will highlight the chosen Training Sequences picked by the Psyonix team.
  • You need to confirm to forfeit a 1v1 match.
  • The painted items will exhibit a colored border in the UI.
  • All the Xbox One and PS4 players are able to tie Air Roll Left and Air Roll Right from the Controls menu from now on. Also, they are capable of putting out of action of Light Shafts in Video options menu.
  • The X on Xbox controllers and Square on PS4 will now indicate the default binding for Create Party as well as Invite Players.

Patch Notes V1.31


  • Season 3 has just come to an end. The player who has the highest rank throughout the season will receive some titles and precious items.
    • Season 3 Prospect Wheel
    • Season 3 Challenger Wheel
    • Season 3 Star Wheel
    • Season 3 Champion Wheel
    • Season 3 Grand Champion Title
  • Skill Rankings have been added to Season 4, giving understandable divisions between skill levels, including Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Champion as well as Grand Champion. It will be more difficult to obtain the new Grand Champion rank in this season.
  • Skill Reset: Once the placement matches are over, the players will be given a skill rating affected by their rankings in Season 3. The new ranking won’t be higher than where they accomplished Season 3, and they will be forced to reach back to the highest rank that they can reach.
  • Placement Match Updates: After reconsidering the placement match system, now, it’s greatly updated permitting the players to reach higher ranks faster if they are the winner of most of their placement games.
  • When you join a Ranked Match again, you will see the default option “OK” rather than “Cancel”


  • The top of the main menu now has an Esports button which will bring the players straightly to the live and official Rocket League tournaments on Twitch, even live RLCS streams. You can only see the button throughout the connected live events.
  • The player’s Boost Meter and Rumble Power-up are now visible to spectators when they are in Player View.



  • The Boost Meter decreases down when you possess a certain amount of boost.
  • Split screen parties are capable of enjoying Rocket League game on any render quality
  • Party Members are able to engage in Private Matches again once getting back to the Main Menu.
  • An infrequent problem when the items would vanish after the trade is finished has been repaired.
  • Repaired the achievement “Rocket Genocider”
  • For Xbox One platform, when getting rid of a split screen user from a party will not finish the party anymore.
  • The Dominus GT tail lights that don’t work in a proper way have been repaired.
  • The field won’t alter the colors in Free Play anymore when toggling Color Blind Mode.
  • The players are not able to go through the Arena Wall on Double Goal (Rocket Labs) anymore.
  • Now, dealing with one player in your own faction won’t stop you from dealing with other party members later anymore.
  • Now you can see the Painted Items in the Trade-In menu.
  • Lobos Wheels display the shining eyes on two sides of your Battle-Car
  • The gun turrets at the back of the arena in Starbase ARC won’t fire indefinitely anymore.
  • The problem that makes Motion Blur get wrongly disabled on PS4 and Xbox One has been repaired.
  • The performance of the bulk of Rocket Trails in the game has been optimized.

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