Neo Tokyo Is Coming Out On June 20th

Neo Tokyo Is Coming Out On June 20th

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Neo Tokyo Is Coming Out On June 20th

Rocket League game is ready to welcome new interesting stuff on June 20, including Neon lights, retro-futuristic style as well as tall skyscrapers, along with the major update called Neo Tokyo.

The stadium that was inspired by cyberpunk was the initial part of Rocket Labs playlist as “Underpass”. However, with the addition of streamlined gameplay as well as detailed surroundings, it has been much better. The Neo Tokyo will engage in the Competitive Playlist at the launching period. Below here is its trailer:

Neo Tokyo consists of several interesting features

With the launching of the brand new arena, you guys should pay attention to several cool features included in Neo Tokyo, and all of them have been considered for the last month:

  • The kick-off of Season 3 for Competitive Playlists that will put back skill rating as well as the awards of the players joining the last season with unique Rocket Trails indicating the highest gained ranks.
  • A new extended item drop system which will consist of:
    • Over 20 “Rare” and “Very Rare” Item kinds for online and after-game drops.
    • “Trade In” system will permit the players to trade plenty of items of one rarity kind for another one that is much rarer.
    • Brand new “Painted” items which give out discrepant color variations on current Garage preferences such as Wheels and Toppers.
    • Particular “Certified” items keeping track of the specific stats in the game as well as develop in reputation the higher stats reach.
  • With the addition of quick-chat customization options, the player’s choices can be extended for the quick communication in the game.
  • Brand new Post-Game celebrations which will highlight the winning team, as well as permit them to make a jump, spin or even buff their car to flaunt their achievements.
  • “Pillars” is a brand new Arena which will divide the playfield into three lanes through two large walls in the center of the stadium.
  • There are eight brand new Trophies and Achievements available on all three platforms.
  • “Showroom” which will permit the players to observe and buy all former and later premium DLC.

Neo Tokyo Is Coming Out On June 20th

Two brand new Neo Tokyo that were inspired by premium cars will also be approachable initially to the possessors of Rocket League Collection’s Edition on June 24 and July 5 in Europe and North America, respectively.

A couple of futuristic vehicles, “Esper” and “Masamune”, will give a brand new anime art to the developing collection of approachable vehicles in the game. The new ones will engage in two former Battle-Cars too, including Marauder and Aftershock. Every single Battle-Car will include decals and tires.


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