Discover AquaDome in October

Discover AquaDome in October

- in Rocket League online

Discover AquaDome in October

Are you ready for the free “AquaDome” in Rocket League game? Have your skills ready and start controlling your awesome Battle-Cars under the sea! This free Aquadome update will be available in this October!

Aquadome took the inspiration from the seven seas, the aquatic creatures, as well as the machines. It’s considered as the initial standard Arena that would be launched since Utopia Coliseum. You can totally check out and gain access to AquaDome on each Rocket League playlist, even Competitive when it’s out next month.

Besides the brand new Arena, there are two brand new Battle-Cars that will be launched in the AquaDome update, including Triton and Proteus. Both of them were created for cruising below the waves and drift over the pitch. You can totally purchase both cars individually at USD $1.99 per car.

Below here is the official trailer of AquaDome, let’s take a look at it now!

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