All About Rocket League Rumble Update

All About Rocket League Rumble Update

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All About Rocket League Rumble Update

The highly-expected Rumble update of Rocket League game will be coming Thursday, September 9 after a couple of weeks of development. This will be great news for all the fans that have been waiting for this kind of update. The Rumble update will contain several great goodies, such as new Painted Item drops, customization for the team names, more updates to classic Rocket Trails, brand new colors for Private Matches, brand new Urban Central and DFH Stadium differences, Discord Garage Items, PAX, Penny Arcade, Headlander, ScrewAttack, as well as Octagon Rocket Labs arena.

SteamOS and Mac Beta Versions

After a couple of holdups, finally, the SteamOS and Mac versions of Rocket League are approachable and accessible for download. But you should keep in mind that these bow versions will be still seen as “beta” which will have several known problems that will be mentioned below. While other Linux platforms are probably working well, but the SteamOS version is the Linux client that is being helped throughout the beta phase. Similarly, the Mac version can work or can’t operate on ancient systems with a united video solution, however, a dedicated GPU will be highly suggested. (Macs from 2013 and afterward would be very fine for this)

More enhancements and upgrades will be made and added to both mentioned versions of Rocket League game in subsequent updates. The development team wants to thank you guys for waiting for it. Below here are the known problems of the SteamOS and Mac:

  • The accurate store page for DLC paid through the Showroom is not visible for Big Picture users. This is a particular problem of a Steam user and it will be surely repaired in the forthcoming patch.
  • Some uncommon crashes will happen when you take a leave from a match and get back to the main menu.
  • The statues in Urban Central don’t show up properly.
  • Intermittent blurring problems will probably happen to you.
  • For Mac users only, the Xbox 360 controllers will not properly operate. If you want to use them, just make sure you already have a third-party driver solution.

Party Chat

Party Chat option was the most popular request from the community that the game developers received. This feature was already added to the Rumble update. The players will be able to use this feature both in-game and while they are traversing the menus. All the sent messages will be directly delivered to all members of the party even if they are joining a match or not.

Battle-Car Presets and Heightened Team Customization

A wish to have exclusive car loadouts will be another most common request from the community. No need to wait for that anymore! Now, the players can totally check out “Car Presets” in the Rumble update. With 10 discrepant slots, you will be able to save your preferred configurations. Also, with this Car Preset option, you are permitted to store your vehicle customizations on every team basis with two brand new options, including “Equip to Blue” and “Equip to Orange”.

In addition, the principal color palette with extra shades for the Orange team as well as green shades for the Blue team will be also developed. There is a new button called “Randomize Preset” added, and you can use it to explore the brand new builds.

All About Rocket League Rumble Update

Crates, Keys, and Esports

Witnessing the growth of the competitive scene in Rocket League game, the development team understands that they must do something much more useful for the players as their demands will totally develop with the in-game competitions. Hence, the Rumble patch will launch a brand new system called “Crates and Keys” which will provide funds for the incoming esports occurrences as well as prize pools.

The entire system is not complicated much! The random Crates will drop from time to time along with the common item rewards after the game in the Competitive matches. The players will have the choice to buy Keys which gives them permission to gain the contents in the Crates, where they will be able to discover amazing Garage items which are extremely exclusive to the chosen Crate.

You can totally save the Crate items or trade them with other players after an obligatory trade-hold, as well as consist of all the things ranging from brand new “Import” Battle-Cars to exclusive animated Decals, Exotic Wheels, or even other amazing Garage gadgets.

All About Rocket League Rumble Update

The possible contents of the crate will be always visible to you before you unlock it and if you don’t want to use a Key at all, you will be able to deal either the unopened Crates or Keys to other players on Steam PC as well as PS4.

You can buy the keys alone or in groups if you want. As previously mentioned, a part of the profits will help fund the subsequent esports occurrences and prize pools. If you buy keys singly, the price will be $1.49. But if you buy them in groups, the prices will be 5 for $5, 10 for $10, and 20 for $20.

If you are not into the Crates and Keys system, just feel free to turn it off at soon as a Crate is released in the game through the Options menu. If you opt out of it, you will still get random Crates when they happen, but there won’t be any notifications sent to you, and you won’t see them in your inventory either unless you decide to turn it back on.

Trading between players

Trading between players will be included in the Rumble update too. Although there are several limitations when you apply, like you can’t deal the premium DLC items, you will still be able to exchange items with other friends on your platform. You can totally deal the items in any mixture that you want.

All About Rocket League Rumble Update


That’s all for the Rocket League Rumble update! With so many mentioned interesting content and new features like that, the game developers hope this update will satisfy your needs and your gaming performance will be greatly improved. The players can send their feedbacks to the development team on Twitter, Facebook or Subreddit.


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