X-Devil Mk2

X-Devil Mk2

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X-Devil Mk2

X-Devil Mk2 is a great battle car for those who are looking for how to become the champion in the Rocket League tournament. The vehicle was launched on September 8, 2016. If you want to drive it, you’d better obtain it from the second Champion Crate, which contains a lot of amazing items. Aside from that, you will know that it was based on the original called X-Devil (one of the four bodies which are opened up at the beginning of the match).

X-Devil Mk2

As part of the Starbase ARC Update on December 7, 2016, the X-Devil received a visual upgrade. The hitbox and handling were not impacted. With the Tempest wheels, both of them are exposed via an official promo artwork show. Here, you can explore and use any decal you’d like to equip your car. There are many different types such as:

Common: Debugged, Hyper, Stars, Stripes, Wings, X.

Rare: Cobra.




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