Takumi RX-T

Takumi RX-T

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Takumi RX-T

Takumi RX-T is a great battle car which promises to bring back to you a lot of nice experiences. It can launch accurate shots in the mid-air and beat the opponent goal easily. Released on September 8, 2016, the car will be unlocked once you have the Champion Crate 1 which was presented on September 8, 2016, alongside Champion Crate 2. The first one includes 5 Rare Decals, 3 Very Rare Decals, 1 Very Rare Wheel, 2 Exotic Wheels, 1 Import Rocket Boost, 2 Import Bodies. Aside from that, it was inspired by the original called Takumi. Together with black Sunburst wheels, they appear in the ceremonial promo artwork.

Takumi RX-T

Besides, there are many different impressive decals that you can choose to equip for Takumi RX-T. For example:

Common: Blackwork, Inked, Party-Chan, Rockat, Skullface, Stripes.

Rare: Super RX-T.

Very Rare: Distortion.

Check out the video below to explore more secrets inside Takumi RX-T now!




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