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Scarab is an awesome battle car that you should try right now! The vehicle you care was launched into the Rocket League online game on October 13, 2015. It’s pretty easy and simple to obtain Scarab! Because it comes from the Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC pack which was published on 13 Oct 2015, you should visit Steam and purchase the add-on. Don’t worry! It’s fairly cheap. It is considered as the second major DLC pack which is added to make the game more interesting. The pack includes:

  • 2 vehicles: Scarab and Zippy (with 6 unique decals each)
  • 3 paint types: Toon Glossy, Toon Matte, and Toon Wood
  • 2 wheels: Scarab and Zippy
  • 2 boosts: Accelerato and Battle-Stars
  • 4 toppers: Cavalier, Locomotive, Pixelated Shades and Shark Fin
  • 2 antennas: Retro Ball – Urban and Retro Ball – Utopia

Aside from that, the Scarab was also come to view in Rocket League precursor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars.


There are many exciting premium decals for the Scarab like Bomani, Derby Girl, Flames, Hearts, Tiger, and Tribal.


Length Width Height Surf. Area 0% Boosting 100% Boosting Turn. Avg.
114.90 82.75 37.67 33905 2.40 2.01 2.20


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