Road Hog XL

Road Hog XL

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Road Hog XL

Why don’t you pick Road Hog XL which was released on September 8, 2016, and enjoy the cool Rocket League game now? Road Hog XL is known as a battle car which can be possessed from the Champion Crate 2 consisting of many valuable items in its chest such as five very rare decals, 3 rare ones, 2 Import bodies, 2 Exotic wheels, together with 1 Import rocket trail and 1 very rare one. In which, you can find out other mentioned vehicles. Aside from that, the car was based on the original called Road Hog. Additionally, the official promo artwork also shows it along with the Rhino 2 wheels unreleased.

Road Hog XL

There are many decals for the Road Hog XL that you can utilize.

Import: Arsenal, Horus, Muerto, Playtime, Space Trip, and Wildfire. Like others, you are able to choose any skin from the Black Market to equip for your Road Hog XL.




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