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As you know Rocket League is a cool sports game which is increasingly popular since the day it was released. However, you can feel surprised when Paladin is getting more and more famous than the game. Finally, the new vehicle was launched on 2015-07-07 after being expected for a long time. If you want to unlock and obtain it, you will have to complete matches as soon as possible.

The Paladin is one of the only two common Battle-Cars in the list, along with Backfire, not to have received additional decals. But, you can equip Paladin with many other skins. Note that everything can be decorated with anything in the Black Market. Here is the collection of decals that you can utilize for Paladin.

Common: Flames, Lightning, Skulls, Stars, Stripes, Tech, and Wings.

There are no Rare, Very Rare or Limited.

Let’s play Rocket League online game and learn more about Paladin right now!



Length Width Height Surf. Area 0% Boosting 100% Boosting Turn. Avg.
127.23 82.89 29.80 33617 2.31 1.97 2.14


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