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Explore Grog, another new battle car in the Rocket League online game, which was released on December 1, 2015. It can be seen and taken from the Chaos Run DLC Pack. That pack was the third major DLC one which added to the match and launched on 1 Dec 2015. It contains several exciting items.

For example:

2 Vehicles: Ripper and Grog (with 6 unique decals each)

2 Paint Types: Camo and Sun-Damaged

2 Wheels: Grog and Ripper

2 Boosts: Nuts & Bolts and Sandstorm

3 Toppers: Boombox, Cow Skull, and Mohawk

3 Antennas: Bomb Pole, Radioactive and Retro Ball – Wasteland

You can watch the trailer of Chaos Run here

Come back to Grog, it will be able to be decorated with many premium decals like Bomber, Cyclops, Lepus, Stripes, Tagged, and Tribal. Aside from that, other vehicles can be equipped with Black Market ones, too.

Let’s play and experience much more!



Length Width Height Surf. Area 0% Boosting 100% Boosting Turn. Avg.
119.50 81.88 36.93 34440 2.36 1.99 2.17


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