Dominus GT

Dominus GT

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Dominus GT

Dominus GT is a good car should be checked out in battles of Rocket League game. You can do many flips while are in in the mid-air and shoot the big ball into the opponent’s goal fairly easily. Besides, the sound is cool. Dominus GT was released on September 8, 2016, and based on the original named Dominus. You can only get it from the first Champion Crate. On February 21, 2017, the car was officially made available in the Player’s Choice Crate which contains objects consisting of 5 Rare decals, 4 Very Rare decals, 3 Import bodies, and 2 Exotic wheels. The vehicle that you are researching can be given a completely new skin with items like:

Import: Flames, Protractor, Stripes, Sunburst, Techno, and Wings.

Rare: Unmasked.

Very Rare: Distortion.

Limited: RLCS.

Meanwhile, the stat is being updated. You can have a look at the decals and watch the review below.

Dominus GT




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