DeLorean Time Machine

DeLorean Time Machine

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DeLorean Time Machine

DeLorean Time Machine is an awesome premium battle car in Rocket League game, which was launched on October 21, 2015, on the date that Marty McFly comes in the future in Back to the Future Part II. It belongs to Back to the Future DLC pack. You need to beat every challenge in that pack to obtain the car you love. Dissimilar to the one from the Back to the Future films, it does not possess the ability to hover.

Back to the future and you will have the chance to take control of the De Lorean time machine as a playable vehicle and you can explore several exciting secrets hidden in quests. Along with the interesting customization options and authentic movie sound effects, it is a must own for fans of the films at only $1.99. Currently, the car is available on PC and PS4.

DeLorean Time Machine

Don’t hesitate and waste any minute to get yours! It’s worth to celebrate one of the most anticipated days of the last 30 years in Rocket League!

About decals, the DeLorean Time Machine is not appropriate with any decal. It can only have its paint color changed.

If it is removed by another battle one, the “BOOM!” effect will be replaced with “OUTATIME!”. Also, it leaves two burning trails and a spinning license plate.


Length Width Height Surf. Area 0% Boosting 100% Boosting Turn. Avg.
128.44 79.28 31.30 33369 2.33 2.00 2.16


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