Breakout Type-S

Breakout Type-S

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Breakout Type-S

Breakout Type-S is an awesome battle car in the Rocket League game. It exists since October 4, 2016. You are able to get it from the Champion Crate 3 (5 Rare decals, 3 Very Rare decals, 2 Import rocket trails, 2 Exotic wheels, 1 Very Rare Wheel, 1 Import body). It is inspired by the original Breakout. After that, it was available in the Player’s Choice Crate on February 21, 2017. At the moment, the official promo artwork presents it with the Chakram wheels from the Champion Crate 1. For the Breakout Type-S, you can make it more interesting by using the following decals. They promise to bring back to the player the better experience.

Breakout Type-S

Common: Hyper-Flight, Iris, Python, Shockwave, Skulls, Wings.

Rare: Funny Book and Mobo.

Very Rare: Distortion.

Limited: RLCS.

If you want much more, you can visit the Black Market. In which, you will find out lots of objects in a list.




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