Bone Shaker

Bone Shaker

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Bone Shaker

Bone Shaker is an awesome and pretty impressive battle car in the collection of the cool Rocket League sports game. The new vehicle that we mention was officially launched on February 21, 2017. From that release date, you are able to obtain and drive the Bone Shaker easily. The fastest way to possess one is to purchase it as DLC.

Bone Shaker

During the match, you will have the opportunity to experience a completely different feeling as well as take control of the playing field with one of the most beloved hot rods of all time.

If you are looking for something to equip for the Bone Shaker, have a look at the list below. It contains several interesting premium decals such as Bone Jack, Diablo, Inferno, Pro-Street, Starstruck, with Stripes. To get much more, you’d better access the Black Market in which you will soon find plenty of items. Have much fun!




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