Patch Notes v1.51 & v1.52 (Progression Hotfix)

Patch Notes v1.51 & v1.52 (Progression Hotfix)

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Find out the hotfixes in both Patch Notes V1.51 and V1.52 of Rocket League! With these fixes, some issues in the game were already solved, promising to bring a better gaming experience to the players.

Patch Notes v1.51 & v1.52 (Progression Hotfix)

Bug fixes

Hotfix v1.52

  • Fixed a problem where some certain boosts discharged severe lens flare at certain distances.
  • Solved a bug stopping keyboard and mouse players from utilizing camera swivel.

Hotfix v1.51

  • Solved a problem stopping dodging left/right, air “stalling” and other movements when holding the air roll left/right buttons.
  • Fixed unplanned alterations to the ball physics that had an effect on “dribbling”, “flicking” and other identical mechanics.

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