Patch Notes v1.50 (Progression Update)

Patch Notes v1.50 (Progression Update)

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Rocket League is getting much better and more improved day by day thanks to the updates, especially the new update and patch notes version 1.50. Let’s take a deeper look at this update to find out what’s new added to the game!

Patch Notes v1.50

The Headlines

  • Progression: Gaining Experience and Leveling Up has been reformed from the ground-up.
  • Clubs: You are enabled to establish a “Club” with other players and then take part in Club Matches.
  • Rocket Pass 1 will go live one week right after the release of the update.
  • Match Forfeit adaptations
  • Real-time text filtering has been already attached for Player Names, Clubs and Tournaments.

New content

Rocket Pass

After the update is launched, Rocket Pass 1 will go like the week.

Achievements and Trophies

  • ‘Join the Club!’
  • ‘Together is Better’
  • ‘New Challenger’
  • ‘People Person’
  • ‘Squad Goals’
  • ‘Best of the Bunch’

Changes and updates


  • Already reordered the Garage Tabs so the Goal Explosions can be much easier to approach.
  • Developed Maximum Keys enabled in a single trade to 200
  • [Steam] Attached “Particle Detail” to Video Options
  • [Nintendo Switch] Text Size of UI is now modified between Docked and Undocked states
  • Spectator Camera: Already synchronized the Player hotkeys across all spectators
  • The visuals on some Arenas were updated to improve the handle alternate team colors.
  • Attached controller vibration when you matchmake into the game.



  • Already rebuilt the Gaining Experience and Leveling Up from the ground-up.
  • Experience (XP)
    • You are now able to only gain XP in Online Casual & Competitive Matches
    • Now, XO is basically depended on Match Length, not your score anymore. You will gain a scaling amount of XP for every single second of a match, including Overtime, up to 20 minutes. 60 seconds is the least amount of time for a match to reward any XP.
    • Added some new match XP bonuses, including:
      • Score
      • MVP
      • Consecutive Games (when you stay in the same Casual server)
      • Backfill (when you replace a bot in a Casual match)
      • Weekly Wins: Every day, you collect 2 Weekly Win bonuses, up to a maximum of 14 (one week’s worth). Every win gains +200% XP and consumes one of your bonus wins.
    • You can only earn XP if you finish a match. If a match is forfeited, it will count as match completion.
    • Match Stats giving Score have been fixed to concentrate on crucial events
      • Goals, Assists, Saves, Clears, etc. all still grant Score and a notification
      • First Touch, Aerial Hit, Bicycle Hit, and Juggle Hit no longer award Score
        • All of these stats are still tracked and updated for your Career Stats page.
  • Leveling
    • From level 20 onward, Levels now demand a flat amount of XP rather than taking progressively longer to gain.
    • The Level 75 cap has been gotten rid of, no more a Level cap from now on.
    • Conversion
      • All of the players have been turned to a brand new level based on many elements, such as total Online Matches played and total XP earned
      • Players Level 40 and below change to around the similar level as before.
      • Players above Level 40 change to a higher level than before.
      • The ones, who have been capped at level 75 for some time will earn additional Levels based on the total Online Matches played.
  • Rewards
    • Avatar Borders
      • Attached a brand new Customization Item: Avatar Borders
      • Avatar Borders will be unlocked when you level up together with Titles.
      • Pick a Border then customize its coloration from the Garage submenu.
      • Each 25 levels up, you can unlock Borders and it can be up to Level 300, after which they are obtainable every 50 levels.
    • Uncommon / “Online” Drops
      • A random Uncommon or higher item will be given to you each time you Level up
      • After matches, there won’t be uncommon items and higher dropped randomly.
    • Common / “Offline” Drops
      • All Common items will now be unlocked for a specific Customization Item slot at the same time, instead of one at a time.
      • The common items of every slot are opened right after a set number of total matches played (Online or Offline)
      • You will now get an access to any Common items that have been unlocked.
      • Titles
      • Your account, when reaching specific levels, will now be given titles. Any titles that you have formerly earned will be retained easily.
      • Equip any Tittle you have obtained via the “Titles” option in the Garage submenu, not just only the highest-level one you have. Already removed the ‘Rookie’ and ‘Semi-Pro’ Titles as a part of this alteration to stop the players from attaching misleading titles for their skill level.
      • Legacy XP Titles have possessed their level demands adjusted for the new XP system.
        • ‘Veteran’: Level 20
        • ‘Expert’: Level 40
        • ‘Master’: Level 60
        • ‘Legend’: Level 80
        • ‘Rocketeer’: Level 100
      • Extra new titles are accessible every one hundred Levels after level 100
      • Titles will also be accessible elsewhere, which includes Rocket Pass and Events.

Match Forfeit

  • You are no longer able to activate Forfeit Votes until 90 seconds have elapsed in a given Competitive Match. 1v1 Competitive Matches don’t have the 90-second limitation
  • You are still able to vote to Forfeit even after another player has left your team. Forfeiting permits you to continue gaining XP and rewards for a match. Don’t leave early, or else you won’t earn XP.
  • Players are now able to activate one Forfeit vote each unless all people on their team also have started a Forfeit vote.

Match Forfeit


  • You are now able to form a ‘Club’ with other players
  • A Club contains:
    • A roster of up to 20 members
    • A Club Name
      • Between 3-32 characters
      • Club Names are not unique
  • A Club Tag
    • Between 2-4 characters
    • Displays before your username on banners, scoreboards, etc.
    • g. [PSY] Devone
    • Club Tags are not unique
  • Club Colors: Primary & Secondary
  • Club Owner
    • The player who formed the Club by default
    • Can add or remove members
    • The owner can move the ownership to another Club member
    • Club Owners must move ownership before they leave a Club
  • Editing Your Club
    • The Club owner is totally able to rename a Club (name & tag) once per week
    • The Club owner is able to alter the Club’s colors with no limitations.
  • Club Matches
    • When a Casual or Competitive Match is formed, and if every team contains the whole members of a single Club (one per team), a “Club Match” will be triggered.
    • Club Matches alter the team colors and stadium colors to Club colors.
    • “Blue Team” and “Orange Team” will be replaced by the Club Names on the scoreboard, and when the goals are scored.
    • Club Matches do not take place in 1v1 matches, Private Matches or Tournaments.
  • Club Utilities
    • Clubs can easily create a Message of the Day (MOTD) to talk and communicate to all the members.
    • The Private Match button in the Club Menu allows you to effortlessly form or engage in a lobby just for your Club.
  • Verification
    • Clubs will probably be “Verified” which attaches a unique checkmark by their name on the in-game scoreboard.
    • This verification flag ensures that a particular club or player is the real one verified by Psyonix.
    • Club Tags and Names are exclusive among Verified Clubs but are not globally exclusive.
    • If you alter a Verified Club’s name or tag, you will make it lose all the verified status.
    • Verification will only be made accessible to select partners and esports organizations.
  • Cross-Platform
    • Clubs support cross-platform membership, but you won’t be capable of inviting cross-platform players until the RocketID system is launched later this year.

Text Filtering

  • Carried out a brand new real-time text filtering system applying to the following cases on all platforms:
    • Player Names
    • Club Names & Tags
    • Tournament Names and Team Names
  • [Steam] Probably, you will need to pick a new player name if your current one is filtered out.
  • This filter system will have the chat function in a future update.

Bug Fixes


  • Already fixed and restored Postgame Spotlight camera breaking if players left the match.
  • When the “Match Notifications” option is made to Time Updates or Kickoffs Only, you will hear the audio cues once again for hidden notifications like “1 Minute Remaining”.
  • Solved a problem causing reconnecting to a Ranked Match to fail.
  • The appearance of Painted “Mainframe” Decals was fixed.
  • Fixed the chat input that was lost when an item popup happens.
  • An issue that made the ball trail effects shorten at high framerates was fixed.
  • Fixed getting rid of items from a trade by choosing them in the trade window.
  • Already fixed paint finish on “89 Batmobile”.
  • Trails are now accurately placed with Wheels on “99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34”.
  • Thumbnail of Painted “K2” Wheels now show the right color.
  • Battle-Cars won’t appear in as invisible to some players anymore.
  • Titanium White “MDGA” Decal won’t appear as grey anymore.
  • Event Currency notification now accurately shows after a match finishes.

Known Issues

  • New item notification displays for some players in Garage even though they have no new items.
  • Details window not displaying in trades when only one item per player is in the trade window.
  • [macOS. SteamOS] Textures appearing on some buildings in the background will probably be missing.
  • On Salty Shores, some ground textures will load a few seconds right after getting to the Choose Team screen.
  • The Boosts and Trail won’t show properly because of moving quickly between the Showroom and Garage when viewing in Redeem Rewards and Crate Preview menus.
  • Some Gray Wheels (Voltaic) probably turn up just like the Titanium White variants.
  • You can sometimes catch sight of the black texture outside of the Neo Tokyo and Tokyo Underpass Arenas.
  • [Steam] Some Rocket Boosts probably turn up shorter than usual when you play the game at higher frame rates.

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