Patch Notes V1.23

Patch Notes V1.23

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All Rocket League fans must take a chance to have a look at the patch notes V1.23 to explore new updates, alterations, as well as more bug fixes. As you know, the Rumble update has been launched, and probably most of the players have been enjoying it. Now, the game developers are carrying out the Rumble update with an interesting hotfix to resolve all the problems that the players face through various platforms. However, the Xbox One users will still have to face some problems with following and opening the distance-based Achievements even though the hotfix has been come out. This issue is still being looked into, and a full update will be released in the forthcoming time.

Bug Fixes


  • Already solved Xbox One framerate as well as performance problem.
  • Certified and Painted item drops won’t turn up as Common items anymore unless you restart the game.
  • Already solved the Rocket Trail audio problems.
    • Got rid of the “Doppler Effect” for the regional players.
    • Decreased the Audio pitch for non-regional players.
  • Rumble Mode: The game won’t get laggy or crashed to the main menu anymore when you utilize the Grappling Hook or Plunger on the ball when it gets into the goal and blows up.

Alterations and Updates


  • Rumble servers will now consist of “Octagon” and “Pillars” Rocket Labs maps in the fortuitous map selection.

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