Patch Notes V1.22

Patch Notes V1.22

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Continue to update new interesting stuff in Rocket League game with the patch notes V1.22! This patch will focus on the headlines, new content with many antennas, topper, painted items, arenas, and you will also check out many changes, updates, or big fixes. In addition to this, the UI/UX as well as some alterations in the audio system will be also worth discovering.


  • You can check out Rocket League in beta on Mac and Linux platforms for now.
  • Attached all brand new “Rumble” mode as an ungraded playlist, you can gain an access to it in Private Matches and Exhibition mode as well.
  • Ten Car Presets can be made, and they will help save particular car configurations for an effortless access.
  • The principal color palette is already enlarged in order to bring more options to the players for the Blue and Orange cars, like Green colors for the Blue Team.
  • All casual or competitive playlists now have “DFH Stadium (Stormy)” and “Urban Central (Dawn)”
  • All new “Octagon” arena has been attached to the “Rocket Labs” playlists.



  • “Community Flags” has been included
  • Discord
  • ScrewAttack
  • Penny Arcade
    • DIV Antenna
    • Penny Arcade flag
    • PAX flag
  • Attached “Video Games”
    • Headlander – Starcophagus


  • Day of the Tentacle

Painted Items

  • These items below will now be able to release with Painted attribute:
    • Chef Hat
    • Ivy Cap
    • Pork Pie
    • Trucker Hat
    • Unicorn Horn
    • Visor
    • Wildcat Ears


  • “DFH Stadium (Stormy)” has been attached to all casual/competitive playlists
  • All casual/competitive playlists now have “Urban Central (Dawn)”
  • The “Rocket Labs” playlist now has “Octagon”

Alterations and Updates


  • “Rumble” 3v3 mode has been included and can be used as an ungraded playlist. You now can check it out in Private Matches and Exhibition mode.
  • Mac and Linux Beta are currently approachable.
  • Car Presets
    • “Equip to Blue” and “Equip to Orange” functionality can be now assisted by the Garage. You will be able to design your car in a different way based on the team you finish with.
      • It’s easy for you now to make 10 Car Presets saving a particular car configuration for an effortless approach.
      • You can change Presets between in the Garage submenu faster.
      • The Randomize Preset button creates a totally random car configuration so you can check it out.
  • Player-to-Player Trading
    • The players are now able to carry out trading. Before trading, you should make a party with a certain friend, then choose your favorite player so you can begin to trade with him/her on the party bar. You can see the “Invite to Trade” option.
    • You are capable of dealing online item drops, Crates, Keys as well as Crate Items. The most limited items, such as Alpha or Halloween items, can be dealt, but you can’t trade specific awards, like the Season 2 Boosts.
      • Xbox One players are not able to trade keys.
    • The Common items or Premium DLC items are not allowed to trade. All of them are tied to your private account and you can’t give them away.
    • The Keys or stuff gained from Keys, like Crate items, for instance, will own a “Trade Hold” which will stop them from being exchanged and dealt to others within 7 days from the buying time.
  • Already enlarged the principal color palette to make sure that the players will have more selections for their Blue and Orange cars, consisting of Green colors for Blue Team.


  • Launching the “Champion Crates”
    • The “Champion Crates” now can be found very infrequent after some online matches. Unique decals, wheels, boost trails as well as “Import” car bodies will be included in those crates. You must have keys to unlock the creates, and they keys are only put on sale in the “Manage Inventory” and Crate Unlock menus
    • An exclusive “series” of items may be consisted on in every single crate, and those items are categorized, from Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic to Black Market.
    • On the screen if “Manage Inventory”, when choosing a create, the tooltip will show a complete set of items and the things you have picked up.
      • You can utilize crate items in the current “Trade In” system that trades five items of one rarity for an unsystematic new item of higher scarcity.
        • You can only deal Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare and Import items.
      • You should trade the crate items with other items from the similar series, then there will be a new item from the identical series that is directly sent to you.
      • You are able to look at your Crates and preview their feasible contents from the Manage Inventory screen.
    • The “Import” cars consisted of in crates will have the same steering and hitbox stats as the current vehicles in the game.
  • You can check out the team names and colors in Private Match
    • When you generate a private match, you will be able to identify custom Team Names for the two teams, and you can see the names on the scoreboard. Also, the names will turn up when scoring goals.
    • The Team Color selection is not assisted by Private Matches.
  • Competitive Inactivity
    • For those who haven’t joined a competitive match for 30 days or even more than that will now be seen as Inactive. This will get rid of you from Competitive Leaderboards and you will be reassigned to the “Unranked” Skill Tier.
    • The skill rating of inactive players won’t be gone or reset. They need to join several placement matches so that they can be calibrated. Depending on how long they stayed inactive, there will be the specific number of placement matches that they need to engage in.
  • A visual upgraded has been added to some Boost Trails as shown below:
    • Bubbles
    • Confetti
    • Datastream
    • Flamethrower Purple
    • Grass
    • Hydro
    • Money
    • Plasma
    • Slime
    • Snowflakes
    • Sparkles
    • Thermal
  • Already got rid of “Retro Utopia” from the “Rocket Labs” playlist, but you can still join it in Private Matches.


  • Now you can check out the Party Chat in the main menu and others.
    • All the factions are able to have conversations from the screen with the assistance of a brand new “Party Chat” widget that is visible in the bottom right of your interface. You just click R2 on PS4, RT on Xbox One, or you can utilize the icon displayed on PC for bringing up the chat window.
    • The Party Chat can be utilized on the Main Menu prior to matchmaking. You can use it in Training mode, other local modes as well as even an online match.
    • You will be able to see the messages from other party members in the chat log now.
  • Now you will be able to find and filter of the items on the Manage Inventory screen.
  • You can bring up the Replay List and switch the current replay you are checking out from the mid-game menu even if you are in the Replay Viewer.
  • Already transferred the Skill Division/Promotion/Demotion display to the Scoreboard screen to stop it from obstructing the Postgame Spotlight in the competitive matches.


  • Now you can command and manage the split screen audio in a brand new way. You will be able to do cleaner reproduction, especially concentrated on sound systems around.
  • There is an audio priority system that is already positioned in a place which will somewhat change the mix balance in order to help you hear the relating stuff to the specified gameplay situation more clearly.
  • Already carrying out new attention curves for the cleaner spatialization during the gameplay.
  • Already applying Spam Control in order to turn down as well as cause the sound to be less concentrated when it’s pressed in a fast progression.
  • The goal explosion sound already has a redesign which is shorter and more powerful.
  • Already change the reverse audio to make it have a “throttle on” input response opposing to the former “throttle off”
  • The doppler effect has been repaired.



  • Putting out of action for both “Depth of Field” and “Bloom” in the video options won’t make the whole game less saturated accidentally anymore.
  • Now the Guam country flag will turn up in an appropriate way.
  • The offensive name plates will be censored to the PS4 users when suitable once again.
  • A problem which gave Xbox users improper XP wrongly when changing the accounts has been repaired already.

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