Patch Notes V1.21

Patch Notes V1.21

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All the fans and loyal players of Rocket League game can now check out the patch notes V1.21 to explore new changes as well as more bug fixes applied in the game. The new fixes will make the game have a better performance and all players can play it smoothly. There are several hot issues that are already repaired, like Neo Tokyo collision, improper nameplates that are visible to Spectators, hearts boost audio, and so on. Check them out now!

The Headlines

The headlines of the patch notes V.21 will address the repairs of various audio as well as Neo Tokyo collision problems.

Bug Fixes


The spectators sometimes are able to catch sight of improper nameplates, and this problem has been completely repaired.

Several Neo Tokyo collision problems which would make uncommon bounces throughout the Arena have been fixed.

The sound mix issues that make some loud or bassy effects have been fixed.

The painted items can be shown as colored in the matches for now.

The Hearts Boost audio that stays on for an unlimited period of time has been fixed already.

A crash relating to watching old replays in Dunk House has been repaired.

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