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What new changes and additions are waiting for you ahead in the patch notes V1.11 of Rocket League game? Feel free to find out the entire this patch note to learn new bug fixes, new content, and more awesome things that will surely help you play your game much better.


The headlines

  • The ranked play Season 1 has come to its conclusion. All ranked players bronze or above will receive a lot of rewards.
  • The Ranked Season 2 play has already commenced, and its name was changed to “Competitive Season 2”.
  • Now the players are able to access the Rocket Labs trial playlist on the casual Online play
  • The players will now be capable of finding Common and Uncommon items after online matches thanks to the launch of the brand new Item Rarity system.
  • Already attached “Wasteland” arena to Competitive Playlists.
  • You can enjoy and play Snow Day in Private Matches.
  • Already upgraded performance in Multiple Arenas
  • Already attached (BETA) Player Reporting feature
  • Already attached “Quick Chat Only” filter to Text Chap options
  • Already launched and added Russian and Turkish language
  • Lots of remarkable bugs have been repaired.
  • Multiple noteworthy bugs have been fixed

Brand new content


  • deadmau5
  • Attached “Community Flags”
    • 9GAG
    • Destructoid
    • GameSpot
    • Gfinity
    • GoldGlove
    • Operation Sports
    • IGN
    • (PC) NVIDIA
  • Attached “Country Flags”
    • Tonga


  • deadmau5

Alterations and Updates


  • The players joining a match, or replacing a current car will gain a brand new visual effect.
  • Now you can check out the “Snow Day” Mutator preset, “Puck” ball type, as well as DFH Stadium (Snowy) Arena in the Exhibition and Private Matches.


  • Now, the Russian and Turkish language support are already attached to the game.
  • For the PS4 users, the overall optimization can operate surely.
    • You can decrease input lag by turning on the VSync again but debilitating Triple Buffering. The VSync option is still available and visible for the users that want to debilitate it.
  • A server-side data backup system is carried out in order to decrease the possibilities of a player that lost their save data because of the corruption.


  • The name “Ranked” Playlist has been changed into “Competitive” Playlist.
    • Season 1 has come to its conclusion! All the players in Season 1 Ranked Play already receive the limited edition Crowns, and this will be based on the highest division all over Ranked playlist when the Season 1 concludes. Through over time, you can be upgraded or downgraded between the divisions based on your gaming performance.
    • There are no Rank Points and the Season 1 Ranking System because they were all replaced by the Competitive Skill Divisions. Right now, the game has 12 skill divisions.
    • Your skill rating plays an important role, and it will determine your rank in the top 100 Leaderboards, which is just like the previous season.
    • The placement matches have been carried out. For every single ranked queue, you have to join and conquer 10 placement games, then you will learn your skill division based on your gaming performance.
  • The game now has Ranked Reconnect which will help the players reconnect to their former game after getting disconnected throughout the competitive match.
  • “Rocket Labs” trial playlist is now accessible in casual Online play.
    • Rocket Labs is considered as a brand new rotating casual playlist, and this consists of prototype layouts utilizing short-term art assets. With this, the game developers are able to introduce and collect feedback on their new designs more quickly.
    • There are three Lab Maps in the Rocket Labs playlist and Private Matches, consisting of:
      • Underpass
      • Utopia Retro
      • Double Goal
  • You can now find the new uncommon item drops after online matches. All new Hats and Antennas will be included in the uncommon item quality, and you can easily find as well as use them.
    • Different from the former seasonal rare drops, the brand new items won’t include a fixed drop chance after all matches. The possibility of searching for an item once a game is over will totally develop for each minute you play until you obtain something. After that, your possibility will reset.
    • The uncommon unlocks can only be given and rewarded after a full game in online playlists.
    • It will be easy for the players to pick up plenty of replicas of the similar Uncommon item, depicted with a count number in Garage UI.
    • The maximum playtime for each week that will gain more items will be 10 hours now.
  •  (BETA) Player Reporting option has been attached and included, and now you can use it through the mid-game menu. If you see someone being offensive, just feel free to report him. You can submit the complete chat log of the match with your report so that the administrators can review.
  • Already launched and attached a “Wasteland” arena to the arena rotation for Competitive Playlists


  • The keyframes for Goals, Saves, and Epic Saves on the timeline will be visible to the players when they watch replay file that is already saved.
  • With the “Quick Chat Only” option in Text Chat Dropdown in Audio menu, the players are able to debilitate all the text chat excluding for Quick Chat
  •  (PC) Graphical Selections
    • By utilizing the “Max FPS” option under Video Settings, the maximum framerate of the game are now able to be reached over 60 FPS.
    • The user interface’s size is now able to be altered by utilizing the “UI Scale” option under Video Settings

Bug Fixes

  • The performance on Wasteland arena has been optimized in order to enhance the gaming experience of the players.
  • The handbrake performance for Backfire, DeLorean Time Machine, Gizmo, Grog, Hotshot, Merc, Takumi, Venom, and X-Devil has been repaired.
  • Ball Indicator will turn up in Beckwith Park (Stormy) in a proper way.
  • Orange Team bots won’t elude kickoffs in Beckwith Park anymore.
  • A problem causing “Winning is Winning” achievement/trophy to go wrong for unlocking when fitting the requirements has been repaired.
  • A graphical bug showing a texture like a shadow during various arenas has been fixed.
  • A problem locking chat to Team Chat in the menu after the game has been fixed.
  • The audio volume for “Portal” boosts has been altered.
  • Already updated Fiji flag, and now it won’t be smaller than other flags anymore.
  • The problem that stopped the “PS Nation” Community Flag from turning up in the Garage has been fixed.

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