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There are so many changes, updates, new content, more features that are all available in Rocket League game via the patch notes V1.08. You will find out a feature called Mutator Mashup added to Unranked Playlist menu, the custom Mutator in Exhibition and Private Match, brand new Video Game Antennas, 7 new Community Flags and much more. Also, the patch notes will include an upgraded turn radius on Paladin, Merc, Scarab, Venom, Backfire. Feel free to explore all now!


New content


  • Dave’s Bread
  • Game Awards – Statue
  • Reddit Snoo
  • “Community Flags” are already added, including:
    • Day[9]TV
    • Game Awards – Logo
    • PC Gamer
    • PS Nation
    • Reddit
    • RL Garage
    • Something Awful
  • “Video Games” are already added, including:
    • (PS4) Driveclub
    • Fallout – Vault Boy
    • Oddworld – Abe
    • Oddworld – Glukkon
    • Oddworld – Necrum
    • Oddworld – Rupture Farms
    • Unreal Frag Center
    • Unreal Tournament
    • Unreal Tournament (Classic)
    • Unreal Tournament – Blue
    • Unreal Tournament – Flak Shell
    • Unreal Tournament – Red
    • Unreal Tournament 2004

New features


  • Mutators have already been available, and this feature consists of other presets as well as settings attaching diversity, rocket-powered element to the custom games.
    • The Online playlist menu now has the Mutator Mashup. With this playlist, the users are able to join a 3v3 online playlist cycling through the mutator presets at random, as follows:
      • Beach Ball – a ball that is very large, slow, and light. It even has a bunch of bounce.
      • Cubic – A ball that is shaped like a cube, and it’s able to recharge boost.
      • Moonball – A ball that doesn’t have high gravity, and it also has a lot of boosts.
      • Pinball – This ball is very tiny, lightweight, quick and extremely bouncy.
      • Time Warp – The speed of action will be reduced when you are close to the ball.
  • Already added the Mutator Settings menu to Create Match screen in the Private and Exhibition match. With this menu, the users will be able to change their own Exhibition or Private Match with a lot of presets and selections as shown below:
    • Presets
      • Beach Ball – A big, light, and slow ball that has a bunch of bounce.
      • Cubic – A ball that is shaped like a cube, and has an ability to charge boost again.
      •  Demolition – This will help you destroy your enemies with a high gravity matchup.
      • Moonball – This ball has a low gravity action, along with a bunch of boosts.
      • Pinball – This is a tiny, lightweight, quick and bouncy ball.
      • Time Warp – When you are close to the ball, your speed of action will be reduced.
    • Custom Options
      • Match Length – Including 5, 10, 20 Minutes, and Unlimited
      • Max Score – Unlimited, 1 Goal, 3 Goals, 5 Goals
      • Game Speed – Default, Slo-Mo, Time Warp
      • Ball Max Speed – Default, Slow, Fast, Super Fast
      • Ball Type – Default, Cube
      • Ball Weight – Default, Light, Heavy, Super Light
      • Ball Size- Default, Small, Large, Gigantic
      • Ball Bounciness- Default, Low, High, Super High
      • Boost Amount – Default, Unlimited, Recharge (Slow), Recharge (Fast), No Boost
      • Boost Strength – 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 10x
      • Gravity – Default, Low, High, Super High
      • Demolish – Default, Disabled, Friendly Fire, On Contact, On Contact (FF)
      • Respawn Time – 3 Seconds, 2 Seconds, 1 Second

Alterations and updates


  • Already upgraded the turn radius on Paladin, Merc, Scarab, Venom as well as Backfire.


  • “Mutator Mashup” is available in the Unranked Playlists now.
  • Now you will see Mutator Settings in Exhibition and Private Match.


  • The player is able to choose from the titles that are currently accessible, or they can put out of the action of them in the “Titles” tab to Garage menu.
  • The Weather Effects can be toggled now from the “Video” tab in the Options menu.
  • The digits: 1,2,3,4 will be utilized in the control menu rather than the words: one, two, three, four.
  • If the spectators want to skip replays, they must choose “Skip Replay” in private matches.


  • For the PC users, they are able to catch sight other steam users that they have played with them recently. To do so, they must choose View -> Players in Steam.

Bug Fixes


  • For PS4, an infrequent problem that doesn’t permit the users to unlock Sweet Tooth has been amended.
  • A problem where the vehicle vestiges would continue to exist on the field after being demolished has been repaired.
  • A problem with the boost pads that are not able to be collected instantly after kickoff reset has been fixed.


  • Disable crossplay option is able to work rightly


  • Ranked match winners will now receive complete RP for their victories even if a rival takes a leave from the game.
  • Exiting a 1v1 match won’t request the maximum RP penalty anymore.
  • Taking a leave from a 2v2 or 3v3 will now request the maximum RP penalty to the initial competitor who leaves the match.


  • For PC, the controller detection has been upgraded when you plug in right after boot.
  • For PC, the Steam Avatar that handles in the game has been upgraded.
  • The problem with vanishing the nameplates of players has been fixed.

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