About Rocket League Online

Let’s show your sports skills in a fantastic team-based IO game called Rocketball.io! The game offers to you so many 5v5 online battles, and you will get chances to face off against numerous enemies from around the world. Similar to other classic Soccer games online, in this one, your main objective is to score as many goals as possible so that you can lead your team to final victory. Try to grab the ball from your opponent, keep it safe then quickly shoot it into the correct net to increase your points and earn more goals. Don’t forget to present your best strategies to deal with the in-game challenges. The best way to get the ball down the field quickly is to pass it. You can even gain additional kick if you make a speed boost prior to shooting the ball. Attempt to work with your teammates, support each other then you guys will easily fight off the rivals! Good luck!

How To Play

Use key W to speed up, key S for reversing, you can steer with keys A/D, and boost with spacebar.

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