Rocket League Upcoming Patch & DLC – Update

Rocket League Upcoming Patch & DLC – Update

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Rocket League Upcoming Patch & Dlc – Update!

With over 4 million downloads across PlayStation 4 and PC, over 183,000 concurrent players, Psyonix almost ready launch a major patch, followed by two DLC packs.
The Rocket League Upcoming Patch updates will include the following features:
• Now, win or loss ratio of players on the stats page will be displayed as a win percentage instead.
• A “Mouse Sensitivity” setting in the options menu is for users on PC.
• They fixed the “Virtuoso” achievement that is not unlocking on PC.
• The item tracking stats are fixed for online games.
• Punishments for players who leave during ranked matches. It is not 100% confirmed for the next patch.
• UPDATE: Bots will adjust the level of skill to match the average current level of players in the game.
Psyonix has also announced some things they will release shortly:
• The 3v3 team ranked.
• There will be a spectator mode.
• There will be the solution for playing with friends on other platforms.A168-1-8-2
• “Thanks For Not Killing Us” items are for players who suffered from the server outages. One of these items includes skull wheels
Two DLC packs are set to release in a couple of weeks. They include:
• The free Utopia-inspired map DLC Pack will not have a circular shape. But it will rather have a regular stadium shape.
• “Supersonic Fury” DLC Pack will include two new vehicles. The second vehicle will be a muscle car.
• Pearlescent paint is also in the works and is will be released in the first DLC pack.
That is all the new features in the upcoming updates for online Rocket League of the Garage. It is not an official change log. Just a list of things we were able to find on Twitter and Psyonix Forum.

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