RLC Pro League Week 2 Recap

RLC Pro League Week 2 Recap

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RLC Pro League Week 2 Recap
RLC Pro League Week 2 Recap

Noble vs FlipSid3 tactics

Noble has the two first goals in their two first games of Rocket League Play for Free in which it fought against F3 with Mye_Bipod_4_Shor to substitute for Markydooda. Markydooda had all but one of five scores for F3 in these first games. But it had not had any synergy there. The return of Markydooda in game 3 the match created a great result with their first win, on Wasteland. It is followed by an F3’s performance on Mannfield in Rocket League game. Generally, Noble’s showing is solid and F3 looks usual with their full roster.

Spectral vs Crown & Jewels

In Rocket League game, C&J continue to implement their great plan through the Pro League. And they get another 5-0 series win. They look undefeated now. C&J have the amazing teamplay, striking and defending. They have the effective tactics to win this match. Until now, they didn’t let anyone shoot more than 2 goals into their net since the first game last week. Spectral managed well to bring it close in games 1 and 4. However, Spectral couldn’t match the top team in the standing. And we need to wait till the next week to see how to C&J beat a Rocket League game.

Supersonic Avengers vs SK Gaming

SA in Rocket League game free scored the first series win and the first game in the league in a very close OT win after SK came back with the second 0 goal. Game 2 had many explosions and bumps starting from the second goal that a goalkeeper knockback caused. And Rocket League game 3 showed another close game that can go into OT with a clutch. But it was messy. Game 4 and 5 were the overwhelming matches, and it was good for SA with ELMP up to 7 goals.
Kings of Urban vs Failure to Launch
#2 KoU got all 5 Rocket League games with the close games being in 2 and 3. Game 2 had a small bug with a disconnecting from the server. It showed us the rate chance of ThePaSch vs Shalthis. After close losing game 3, Ftl seemed depressed, and KoU had an advantage on their misplays. The starting was tough at 0-10 for FtL. But they still keep their promise or get some wins. KoU played Rocket League game well and will strive for the top spot.
NoT v iBUYPOWER Cosmic
The first position that iBP tried to stay in the standings is barely with a physical overtime goal by Sadjunior in Rocket League game free 5. With the 4-1 win in the low score and very close games, they can lead over KoU and push NoT down. It was the quick and difficult hit for one team to beat others in their game.

Nexus vs Orange Creamsicle

The first game of OC in this Pro League started Rocket League Play for Free with the sub Dooble replacing MIA Edwind. And they took game 1 with a comeback from 3-1 overtime and won. After losing side fails to score, 2 nXs took a close win in game 3. The next game was 0-0 into overtime till Dooble had the aerial shot. In the last game, nXs was absolutely full to close out the series with a win. We also look forward to a completed OC squad and nXs next week.

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