RL Easter EGGS: Crash Course Blowfish

RL Easter EGGS: Crash Course Blowfish

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RL Easter Eggs: Crash Course Blowfish

Rocket League, a fantastic PC game with new versions always keeps up to date regularly. Since Psyonix announced that Rocket League will have many different Easter Eggs, we began looking for them. You know, during the implementation of the latest video of serubi, Rockets on the storm

we have discovered that blowfish is printed on Money Rocket trail. Strictly speaking, it resembles the same Blowfish which is also found in Crash Course.
So what is the Crash Course? It’s what Psyonix made before they came up with Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, a prequel to Rocket League online. The Blowfish can be detected as a power-up shine in Crash Course. It will be shown in the following video

. It is also found in the previous version of Psyonix site. You can see here
Although Easter Eggs is not alien to people, it still has a very attractive feature. It’s still a wonderful little detail and is one of the reasons why Psyonix is great. If you find any Easter egg, please share with us. Good luck! Remember to track our garage.

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