The Introduction of RLC Season 3 Player Accolades

The Introduction of RLC Season 3 Player Accolades

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RLCS Season 3 has brought a bunch of awesome, interesting, and amazing Rocket League matches to numerous players and fans.  Now, the Player Accolades will be officially introduced as a big thank to all awesome players who have made the excellent plays in Rocket League game.

The players that are coming from each of three areas like North America, Europe, and Oceania will be received three accolades. Every single Accolade will grant the highest rank player in every single category as shown below. Each of them will receive $500 and will be emphasized because of their outstanding, excellent, brilliant, and abnormal performance in the game. However, there is one rule here! The players are required to already play and join more than 15 League Play games so that they can be entitled for Accolades.

The Introduction of RLC Season 3 Player Accolades

League Play Accolades by Region:

  • The clinical finisher who achieves the most Goals in each game in League Play in their own area will be honored as the Golden Striker.
  • The Clutch Playmaker will be granted to the clever player obtaining the most Assists each game in their own area.
  • The player, who scores the highest Saves each game in their own area, will be honored as The Savior of the Season.

There will be another award that will be granted for a Regular Season MVP – the one that did make a most of contribution to the success of his team in every single region at the end of the normal season. The panel of RLCS analysts, Psyonix Developers as well as the administrators will vote for this person. The MVP in every area will receive $1000 USD if winning.

More than that, there will be two further Accolades at the RLCS World Championship in Los Angeles, CA that will be given away too. All the votes will be done by the panel of RLCS analysts, Psyonix Developers, and administrators. At the termination of the World Championship Finals, both Accolades will be granted to the winners.

World Championship Accolades:

A single player that has the most positive influences and signifies the community will receive the DFH Community Award with $500.

The World Championship MVP will receive a $1000 USD award at the end of the World Championship.

When RLCS League Play is about to get to the terminating two weekends, you should get ready to give attention to NA and EU League Play which will be streamed live on The teams will battle for the top rank at World Championship with a $300,000 award.

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