Rocket League Esports in 2017

Rocket League Esports in 2017

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All the fans and loyal players of Rocket League game must be very excited and curious about the Rocket League Esports in 2017. For the last year, lots of players have shown their keenness to Rocket League Esports, which largely contributed to the biggest success of the esports of the game. In respond to your sincerity, the game developers are working hard to take the Rocket League esports to a further step with a brand new level in 2017, promising to bring you the most unforgettable memories. Now, you can check out the new plans of the development team about the Esports in 2017.
Rocket League Esports in 2017

The beliefs and thoughts of the Rocket League game developers

Rocket League game is very glad to be well-received by numerous players from around the world, and it will be happier if all people are able to join the esport to compete against each other, or simply just enjoy the game together. The esports was invested by the developers using the earned money via the “Crate and Keys” pool sponsored by the community.

This prize pool funded by the community would totally bring the advantages to the whole community, even if it’s just some of people battling against each other more than the weekend or the best player of all in the world struggling for the RLCS World Championship.

The intention of the game developers

Over $2.5 million dollars was invested into Rocket League Esports. With this investment, the players of all countries would be able to anticipate a lot of alterations made to the competitive ecosystem, as follows:

  • The total prize pools, consisting of RLCS, will have over $1 million.
  • Various major competitive gaming fests will have more amazing appearances.
  • More onsite occurrences at major gaming conventions, compromising PAC, SXSW and so forth.
  • The community-run tournaments will be largely funded.
  • The weekly tournament support will be enlarged in more other areas, such as North America, Europe South America, Oceania and so forth.
  • A sincere academic Rocket League Esports program
  • The Xbox community will be able to enjoy a brand new series of tournaments
  • A brand new weekly talk show aired on Twitch which consists of all stuff in “RLCS”
  • The Rocket League website now has a strong new esports hub.
  • The charity tournaments are still in progress.
  • A lot of features and improvements are added to the esports.

That’s what the game developers are planning to do in 2017, and hopefully, the whole Rocket League Esports in this year won’t let any players down. More plans will be coming out in next weeks, so guy guys should stick with us, stay tuned and check them out.

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