FAQs of The Rocket League Championship Series

FAQs of The Rocket League Championship Series

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FAQs of The Rocket League Championship Series

After learning the big announcement on the cooperation between Psyonix and Twitch in order to release Rocket League Championship series, most of the players may have wondered about that a little bit, and they will surely have several questions relating to RLC. Now, you should take a chance to explore all RLCS FAQs so that you can acquire new info, content as well as unravel all your inquiries.

The FAQ will be surely updated when the new items are released and others get outdated. You should visit RocketLeagueEsports.com to check out more details and information about the sign-ups on March 25. More extra items of interest will be added during the subsequent week. Also, you should keep in mind to check out all awesome playoff tournaments which will be aired on Twitch.tv/RocketLeague.

FAQs of Rocket League Championship Series

Which platforms will I be able to utilize in RLCS match?

You can check out and join RLCS on PlayStation 4 and PC/Steam platforms.

What is the award of RLCS?

At the moment, the total prize for Season 1 of RLCS is $75,000 USD

By utilizing guest accounts, will the players be able to battle against in the RLCS?

The players are not allowed to use the guest accounts for competing. They must possess an exclusive Steam or PSN ID.

When is the RLCS?

The open registration will commence on March 25, 2016. The RLCS is programmed to begin in April, and the time length of it will be roughly three months. All of the particular dates for the online match and live occurrences will be launched when they are wrapped up.

How many participants are permitted to join a team?

A team must have three players registered. There is also a selection of consisting of two extra subs for a team size of five players in total.

When and how often will the RLCS be streamed?

All the competitions and broadcasts of Season 1 are set up to come about on the weekend. The time length of broadcasts will be from 4 hours to 6 hours on Saturdays and Sundays.

Do I have to pay money to join the RLCS?

No, you don’t! All the RLCS matches are free of charge. So, you can feel free to play them all.

Are there any age conditions to take part in the RLCS?

All players that are 15 years old and older will be eligible to engage in RLCS.

What is the format and league form that will be applied for RLCS?

There are two eligible periods in every single season of the RLCS. Each of them will commence with Open Qualifiers, a double-disqualification tournament public to the people that register. The top eight teams that are eligible for being out of the open tournament will move to the Group Stage straightly. In that stage, they will have to join each of other team once in one round-robin format. The group stage of every single eligible period will grant points to the teams that place five through eight. When the group stage comes to a conclusion, the top four teams gain a place in every Online Playoff of the qualifying period in which they must battle against in one-elimination tournament in order to confirm places one through four. At the end of the Online Playoff, the top four teams will gain points. This format will be accomplished in North America and Europe individually. At the end of the two qualifying periods of the season, the top four teams that gain points from every arena will be asked to battle against at an interesting event called Live International Finals.

Will the community be able to join the RLCS?

The community plays a significant role in Rocket League, so the development team would like to gives as many chances as possible so all people can join.

Will Rocket League alter to be suitable for the RLCS?

There is no denial that Rocket League game will keep developing and growing. The entire development team puts their effort into making the game the best and brings lots of interesting experiences to the players as well as the fans. There will be a bunch of awesome things that will be coming out in future. So keep calm and wait for them!

Where can I watch the RLCS?

Make sure you will check out all official RLCS broadcasts which will be live-streamed at Twitch.tv/RocketLeague.

Who will RLCS use for shoutcasters and talent?

The development team is trying to work on the game to make it the best performance possible. All of the game developers are thinking about all chances for the casters and talents. Stick with them to check out further details that will come out later.

Will the RLCS be aired in other different languages?

The inclusion of other different language broadcasts is being carefully considered. So right now there is nothing much about this to give out.

Which areas are accepted to play in the RLCS?

The players that are coming from North America and Europe will be allowed to join the RLCS.

Note: Keep in mind that the players must check the connection to the servers of Rocket League before making their registrations. You guys can join and play all games on US West, US East as well as Europe servers.

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