Steam Workshop Support Is Coming This December

Steam Workshop Support Is Coming This December

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Steam Workshop Support Is Coming This December

Steam Workshop Levels are hitting Rocket League in the subsequent month! The players that are using PC, Mac and SteamOS can totally upload custom levels that they have made to the Steam Rocket League Community Hub. Now let’s find out more interesting details about the workshop levels as well as learn how to upload and play them.

What are workshop levels?

There have been a lot of interesting stuff created by the Rocket League modding community which is the same as fans on the RocketLeagueMods subreddit. The modding community utilized the Unreal Engine 3 UDK in the year ago, consisting of frenchfries’ own Rocket League Obstacle Course and Dribbling Challenge #1. With the help of the Steam Workshop, now all the modders will find it very easy to share what they have created without correcting the files of the game.

How do the modders upload their workshop levels?

As soon as the subsequent update is live, the modders will receive a Steam Workshop Uploader Tool that permits the creators to upload their own levels. You may have to answer several questions given to you by the Uploader Tool, such as the name of a creation, a short description of it, the level file, as well as preview picture prior to upload. After you finish, the Upload Tool will explore all the assets automatically, and then you have to click “Submit” to present your level. You have to be sure that the preview picture is a correct depiction of what you have created.

How can I join Workshop Levels?

It’s not hard to join the Workshop Levels that were created by the community, and this kind of thing is just as easy as signing the brand new Arenas in the forthcoming Workshop part of Steam Community Hub.

After joining the Workshop section, you need to select “Subscribe” button right beside any Workshop Level that you wish to join, after that, it will be auto-downloaded by Steam. For finding your workshop levels that you have just downloaded, you need to start Rocket League game, then hit “Extras” in the main menu, then select “Workshop”. These steps are kind of easy and simple to carry out!

There will be some of the players who wonder about Steam Workshop. If you really do, you should feel free to ask the development team any questions about it. The Steam Support is always available and willing to answer all of your questions using great knowledge base.

Don’t forget to check out more details about the December update in the forthcoming weeks. Hope you have fun!

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