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After the statement about the future plans and major changes for Season 3, the game developers did focus on intentions to establish a Competitive Skill Restriction in a subsequent update. A Party Matchmaking update has been put to solve those problems. Initially, the limitation stopped the parties from lining up for Competitive matches if their Skill Ratings were not appropriate and were kind of distanced apart, however, the game developers have realized that there was still another good way to do so after putting their effort into researching on that feature.

What the game developers have learned

First of all, there would be a negative influence on several sets of players caused by the Competitive Restriction. Those players were not misusing the system, but they fell outside the brand new restrictions. Let’s take an example! You already joined a party with several friends that are below you three tiers, you conquered a match, your rank was up, however, this didn’t happen to your friends. If you were in this case, you guys couldn’t join and play together anymore. Frankly speaking, this occurred due to the bad secondary effect of the limitations which stop you from preserving the honesty of competitive play.


Second of all, as for the players that are already Champions, the capability of players to make a good use of the Top 100 Skill Leaderboards wouldn’t have been completely fixed by the limitation with a three-tier skill. When it’s a battle between a Grand Champion and a Superstar – the lowest-accepted player under the limitation, the Grand Champion would still be able to rank up on the leaderboards faster than two Grand Champions fighting against each other.  This can’t be seen as a fault, it’s just a logical consequence for the skill system. The team that has a Grand Champion and Superstar is highly anticipated to be a loser to the team that has two Grand Champions, hence, they obtain more Skill rating to win. However, with this kind of system, it will make a motivation for the Champion players so they can “smurf” with a substitute and Superstar-ranked account so the players will be able to earn ranks more quickly than playing in a legitimate way.

Better ways to solve the problems caused by the Competitive Restriction

Enhanced and upgraded Party Skill Rating

This kind of new solution will surely solve the issues:

  • It will be easy for you to find Competitive games in a Party with any players available in your friends’ list. It doesn’t matter what skill tier they are currently having.
  • Rather than averaging the skills of every single player together in a Party, the Party Skill will be counted upon the player that has the highest skill in the group for now.
  • After updating the skill ratings when a match is over, the brand new Party Skill rating will be employed in order to stop players from increasing their ranks faster by joining in a match with other players that have lower ranks.

Below here are several examples you should check out:

  • When a Challenger Elite player and a Prospect Elite player team up with each other in order to play Doubles, this amalgamation would have averaged out presumably Challenger II-level. With the brand new system, they will be seen as a Challenger Elite party.
  • Formerly, when it is a combination between a Grand Champion player and an Unranked player, this could have been a match for Rising Star, and the Grand Champion was able to gain skill rating regardless of lower-ranked players. Now, this combination will be considered as Grand Champion. The Grand Champion player will achieve the identical skill rating to the team of two Grand Champions would.

There are two big upsides that this brand new system includes. The players are still able to line up Competitive together even though their ranks are too far apart. Also, when the players confront with the parties that have different wide skills, they highest-ranked player would be close to their rank, not above. There is no real benefit when increasing the rank when utilizing a low-ranked “Smurf” teammate.


Repairing Rank Boosting

The game developers figure out that repairing matches doesn’t solve the current problems that the players are experiencing, especially the ones who have used these gaps to get to the rankings that they are not worthy of.

More specific actions will be taken to prevent and oppose the players at Rising and above that have proved a regular pattern of teaming up with the players that are under their private rank. Below here are descriptions of this pattern:

  • More than 25% of matches which are joined with a fellow member of a team more than eight skill tiers under the player
  • Over 30 competitions that are played with a fellow member of a team more than eight skill tiers under the player.

All the participants who achieve either above criteria, currently in Rising Star tier, or even higher, will own their Skill Tier and MMR set to Rising Star, Division I. As for the intentions of the conclusion of season rewards, they won’t be regarded to have obtained Champion excepting if they obtain that ranking again after the alterations.

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