New Alterations in Rocket League Competitive Season 4

New Alterations in Rocket League Competitive Season 4

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New Alterations in Rocket League Competitive Season 4

Along with the release of a brand new mode called Dropshot, all the players of Rocket League game must be very excited about the Competitive Season 4 when the Competitive Season 3 has just come to an end. There will be several changes in the season 4, so let’s have an insight into what changes you will experience.

Brand New Skill Tiers

Ranking players is considered as the most remarkable change for Competitive Season 4. The reason of giving out the visual skill rankings, such as Champion or Challenger Elite is because that the game developers want to supply the players with visual feedback about the ability of their teammates and rivals.

Nevertheless, the ranks are not adequate anymore when the general ability of the community has developed. It’s pretty noteworthy to see a skill blank between a Challenger I and Challenger Elute. However, both of these exhibit the golden Challenger icons that can be distinguished distinctly.

Below here is a broader set of skill tiers that can express the development of skill distribution of the players. These skill tiers also improve on the rewards that will be given to the players who climb their ladder gradually:

New Alterations in Rocket League Competitive Season 4

The development team hopes that the brand new tiers will play a better role in dissolving the broad skill.

Not Too Many Divisions Anymore

Decreasing the number of divisions for each skill tier from five to four will be another outstanding change in this Competitive Season 4, like, the Gold 1 tier will be ranging from Gold I, Division I to Gold I, Division IV. Thanks to this alteration, the identical frequency of division updates from former seasons will be maintained.



There were some feedbacks about the Grand Champion rank throughout the recalibration in Season 3. Now, there are several changes for the grand champion rank in Season 4:

  • Champion I, II, and III will consist of the competitors of skill from Champion to the inferior Grand Champion from Season 3.
  • Grand Champion has undergone an alteration, and now it’s more exclusive with a well-defined icon above the Champion ranks.

Soft Skill Reset

All skill tiers for every Competitive Playlist of Season 4 will be set again just like other former seasons.  Nevertheless, the matchmaking mania of the initial weeks of Season 3 won’t be redone. The median match standard was kind of imperfect since the whole playerbase screwed up through the placement matches and returned to their correlated skill rankings. Your former season rankings will let you know the placement matchmaking and the final skill ranking.

The Seasons Won’t Last Long Anymore

After receiving some feedbacks of the players, the development team consented that Season 3 carried out in a long period of time. The game developers think that the optimal length for a season will be around 4 months, however, the final conclusion date can be hinged on what alterations that need to be done prior to a commencing of a new season.  Hence, there won’t be any promise or confirmation about the official conclusion date for Season 4. Nevertheless, the players can send their feedbacks to the development team.

Brand New Matchmaking Rating and Some Later Alterations

The development team is putting their effort into upgrading the matchmaking rating in Season 4. Adding some improvements to it will make the general match quality much better. In this new season, a new model of ranking and matchmaking players by ability properly will be fulfilled.

The remarkable alteration is the way of calculating your Matchmaking Rating (MMR). The MMR was kind of orthodox rough guess of your skill in former seasons. A traditional MMR formula is very ordinary in modern skill systems, and it minuses several deviations of your “doubt” from your “skill” in order to create a secure rough guess of your possibility. Thanks to this, the game has a smooth launch, but it made the matchmaking and ranking incompatible. Now, the MMR and Skill Tier only founded on your Skill value itself, which gives some straight advantages:

  • The good competitors that have high doubt won’t be underrated anymore,
  • The players are able to get to their proper rank faster, meaning that there will be less unequal games generally.

There is also an experiment done on various other matchmaking improvements. Some of them will be available online in Season 4, but some will be launched in the couples of weeks and months later. Below here are several things that are being checked:

  • The matchmaking will become more trustworthy and faster due to the improvement of general speed and quality.
  • How populated your chosen playlists and areas are will decide the smart matchmaking.
  • More intelligent matchmaking based on how populated your selected playlists and regions are.

Neo Tokyo and Arena Preference Alterations

The competitive and normal playlists won’t include the Neo Tokyo arena anymore. But it will come back to the online matches as a standard format arena in a later update.

The development team agrees that changing format arenas can be a debatable issue. Changing the arenas will give a valuable dose of diversity to the experiences of the online players.

There are some changes for the Arena Preferences system in order to make it more stable and comprehensible. The odds of an arena will be reformed by a percentage of the lobby that favors or disfavors.

  • If a map is disfavored by a half of the players, it will turn up 50% less frequently.
  • If a map is completely disfavored by all players, it won’t turn up.
  • If a player favors it, but another one doesn’t, then the map will turn up frequently like normal.

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