New Alterations For Competitive Season 5

New Alterations For Competitive Season 5

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New Alterations For Competitive Season 5

The Competitive Season 5 of Rocket League will officially begin with the launch of the Anniversary Update starting on July 5th. There are several alterations that are being made to the game, and now, you guys will surely feel excited to check them out.

Season 5 will not experience any Competitive Skill resets, which is completely opposite to the conversion between former Competitive Seasons. Your ranks will still continue from Season 4 to Season 5 without any reset. Several players may expect to begin over in every single season, however, the drawback of making a reset will be very remarkable. The standard of the match won’t be good enough for a few weeks after the conclusion of a season when the players calibrate to their real skill ranking again. With the launch of more and more seasons nowadays, the developers are not pleasant to make more matchmaking uncertainty every several months.

Season Reward Level

The players will experience something called Season Reward Level in this Competitive Season 5 of Rocket League game. This concept is completely separated from their matchmaking ranks. The Reward Level of all players will begin at Unranked, and they will be able to make a progress after every single win they gain, which gradually takes them to the subsequent levels. You are required to gain 20 wins to unlock every reward level and they are very serial. For example, the Silver rewards can be unlocked after Bronze, Gold can be unlocked after Silver, and so forth. It’s not good to lose a match because it won’t count against your Season Reward Level, even if you are forced to drop a Tier or Division due to the loss.

New Alterations For Competitive Season 5

The wins count toward the Season Reward Level If you are playing at or higher than the Skill Tier of the level. For instance, you need to play at Bronze tier or even above it so you can make a progress towards opening the Bronze awards. However, a Gold player that has opened Gold Season Rewards already won’t be able to open Platinum Season Rewards yet.

Subsequent Seasons

The principal objective of the game developers is to supply all players with brand new goals to finish every Competitive Season without having the mayhem of a skill reset. If the initial of the Season Reward level doesn’t finish the given goals, there will be alterations for subsequent Competitive Seasons for certainty.

All current systems, as well as Competitive Seasons, will continue being upgraded. All the players of Rocket League game can feel free to send their feedbacks about what they have experienced with the game in this Competitive Season 5.

New Alterations For Competitive Season 5


If I lose more matches or even drop a Skill tier, will I lose Season Reward Levels?

Of course not! All of your progress towards your Season Rewards won’t be gone due to your loss. Your win in total won’t be deducted because of the losses. Even if you get downgraded, your progress will totally be saved.

How do discrepant playlists connect with the Season Reward Level?

You are able to gain more wins towards which will level up from any Competitive Playlist. Nevertheless, you can only gain Wins for the competitions that have enough rank. If your 2v2 rank is Platinum, but your 3v3 rank is Silver, only 3v3 wins will add up to your Silver Reward Level and under.

When will I receive Season Rewards?

In Season 5, you will obtain all the rewards at the conclusion of the season. In the next seasons, we are trying to make sure that you guys will get them instantly after unlocking a Reward Level.

How long does Season 5 last?

The Season 5 is planned to last around from 3 to 4 months, which is just the same as Season 4.

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