Let’s Take A Deep Look At Season 2 In Rocket League

Let’s Take A Deep Look At Season 2 In Rocket League

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Let’s Take A Deep Look At Season 2 In Rocket League

The second online season 2 of Rocket League is about to be released! Let’s take a chance to have a deep insight of this new season. You will find out what changes in the new season, as well as a lot of other extra details. Check it out now!

A fresh entrance of Season 2

With the subsequent patch coming out, the initial season of competitive Rocket League will come to an end. After receiving a bunch of feedbacks about Season 1 from the players, now the game developers are trying to give out plenty of upgrades, nice improvements as well as better stuff to the Season 2.

The objective of Season 2 is reducing the significance of single wins or losses and concentrating on where it will belong, continue having a better play as well as upgrading your game gradually.

Changes in Season 2

In the Season 2, the ranked play has been renamed and changed into “Competitive Matchmaking”. The Playlists menu will display it to distinguish them from normal matchmaking.

Besides the brand new playlists tags, Rank Points for Season 2 will be also removed. All of the Divisions will be based on the Skill Rating of the players to get rid of the bewilderment of two points systems.

The ten Season 1 Divisions have been replaced (Bronze I/II/III, Silver I/II/III, Gold I/II/III, and Platinum) along with 12 brand new ones, particularly tailored to Rocket League.

The lowest rank of the new divisions will be Prospect I, while the Champion is the highest one.

You can take a look at the image below to find out all titles of Season 2:

Let’s Take A Deep Look At Season 2 In Rocket League

Will the season 2 of the game reset the rank of players?

At the beginning of Season 2, the players need to engage in ten placement matches to decide their Skill Division. The skill data from the Season 1 won’t be reset, hence, the current players don’t need to begin again. However, you should know that your Season 1 Skill Rating will have a heavy effect on your eventual division placement.

The players will be able to see Skill Divisions on the end-game scoreboard, so it’s easy for the players to check out the divisions of their teammates as well as their rivals. But, a numeric representation of skill and rank won’t be displayed anymore, only the existing division icon and name can be seen.

The operation between Promotion and Demotion is completely different. After your skill has grown steadily to the subsequent division, you will be moved up to a division. After being advanced, you won’t gamble with an instant reduction for getting defeated a game or two.

See the image below displaying a brand new end-game scoreboard:

Let’s Take A Deep Look At Season 2 In Rocket League

Other information about Season 2

There is no restriction on the number of players in the top division anymore, meaning if the player obtains the skill requirements for the highest division, he/she will be positioned appropriately no matter how many players that obtain the rating.

The Top 10p0 with scoreboards based on Skill Rating will be kept in the Season 2, which is kind of identical to how the previous season operated. The Top 100 of every single skill division will display the players on the leaderboards just like former seasons.

If you want to get the extra content of Season 2, you can stick to the official Facebook and Twitter pages of the game. There will be more feature additions as well as additional topics coming out.

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