Competitive Season 4 Update and Some Rewards For Season 3

Competitive Season 4 Update and Some Rewards For Season 3

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The Competitive Season 3 already comes to its conclusion, and the players of Rocket League game are now ready for the starting of Season 4 with more interesting matches, new opponents and so on. Season 3 has gone, leaving so many good memories and unforgettable competitions between the teams. For the new season, the game developers want to make several changes to the game, and the details of these alterations will be exposed as soon as the season starts.

The players will be able to join Season 4 in the beginning of April. However, the further changes made to Season 4 will be released in the forthcoming game update. As soon as the Season 4 begins, the schedule for this Competitive Season will be available, and there will be more details about the starting of the next season that the game developers will go into. The players who are not quite at Champion Tier in Season 3, they will be able to go up.

Season 3 Rewards

Just like the former Competitive Seasons, the Season 3 will also have some rewards for the players. Some of the players in Season 1 and 2 were already awarded Crowns and Rocket Trails. But in the Season 3, the players that have ranked in Competitive Playlists will receive specific Wheels.

Competitive Season 4 Update and Some Rewards For Season 3

Below here are all the rewarded that will be given out to the players with better ranks:

  • Prospect I or higher – Season 3 Prospect Wheels
  • Challenger I or higher – Season 3 Challenger Wheels
  • Rising Star or higher – Season 3 Star Wheels
  • Champion or higher – Season 3 Champion Wheels
  • Grand Champion – “Season 3 Grand Champion” Title

If you got to the highest Tier in the Competitive Playlists throughout the Season 3, you will get the highest reward. No need to worry about when you fell down to Superstar or even lower after getting to Champion in Season 3, you will also be able to receive the Champion – level Wheels, together with other Wheels for each low Tier.

For those who are anticipating the alterations of Competitive 4, just keep calm and wait for that! The game developers will look into more details about all the switches before the season officially starts. However, right now, you can take your time to check out a sneak peek of the brand new Tiers:

Competitive Season 4 Update and Some Rewards For Season 3

Taking everything into account, the Competitive Season 4 will become a hot event with lots of new changes, updates, and amazing new stuff. These things will make the game more exciting and thrilling to play. So, if you are a loyal fan of Rocket League, make sure you won’t miss this!

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