Competitive Rank Recalibration

Competitive Rank Recalibration

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Competitive Rank Recalibration

An interesting hotfix has just been used to alter how Rocket League’s Competitive Skill Tiers are given to the participants, and hopefully, all players will have a grasp on what is altering.

Skill Dismemberment

The Skill Tiers, including Prospect, Challenge, Star, and Champion are all calibrated in order to give consideration to the distribution of the skills of players for the whole community of Rocket League. Similar to other games, this finishes looking like a bell curve or a usual dismemberment over time. In brief, if plenty of players are just “average”, the more you get from that average ability, the fewer the participants exist in order to suit the criteria.

Due to the skill reset at the beginning of Season 3, all of four fierce playlists have solved usual distributions over time. Now, all the former thresholds for making a decision on who are advanced to Rising Star, Super Champion and so on have the better balance for the present season.

Changing Tiers

There are two alterations that have been used in order to solve this and improve distribute the active competitive player based on Skill Tiers.

-Skill Tier thresholds have been reduced a bit in order to consist of more competitors in the Star and Champion tiers.

-Skill Tier Thresholds will now be shaped in a different way based upon the mode you are enjoying. There is a little difference between the skill curve 1v1 and 3v3. In short, this means that Doubles has discrepant standards for getting to Grand Champion than Solo Standard. Every single playlist should witness the same percentages of players getting to Champion tier and more since there will be a lot of players that play Doubles, and you will notice more Doubles Grand Champions in general.

This will have a little bit influence on your private rankings. The players that are at Challenger or even higher than that will find themselves increase from ½ to 2 skill tiers.

There is no automatic update done on your ranks, but if you conquer lots of matches, you will be calibrated to the proper new rankings. Below here are diagrams of the general Skill Distribution for Competitive Doubles for Season 3:


Competitive Rank Recalibration


Competitive Rank Recalibration


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