Behavior Guidelines and Banning Policy in Rocket League Game

Behavior Guidelines and Banning Policy in Rocket League Game

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Behavior Guidelines and Banning Policy in Rocket League Game

The players of Rocket League game must have had wonderful experiences when playing the game on all supported platforms. The entire development team wants you guys to have a good time in Rocket League, meaning no breaking rules, no wrongdoings, and other illegal things. Below here are the code of conduct and some banning policies that all players must learn!

Threatening, Trolling, or Other Jerk Behavior Are Not Allowed

Virulent players shouldn’t be in the game! If you are targeted by someone that has abusive language or threatens you or tries to do the wrongdoings that are included in the EULA or Terms of Service, their behavior is an illegal act. A player that uses a Quick Chat in a sarcastic way won’t be banned, but those who are sexist, racist or having abusive language will surely be banned.

There is a feature called “Mute/Report Player” that lets you stop the communications from the players that keep bothering you, or you can use that feature to report him to the team.

There Is A Prohibition For Selling Items In The Game

As you know, the Crates and Keys have been already out, and there were lots of players trying to trade with each other in order to finish their collections in Rocket League game. However, you should keep in mind that there are some rules of selling in-game items.

If you trade your items outside, it will be a high possibility for you to get cheated or get involved in other unlawful activities. Hence, selling the items in the game outside of the game is a prohibition. In addition to this, the other in-game items, along with Crates or Keys can only be traded with other items that are in the game too, this will guarantee a secure and good ecosystem.

The Banning Policy of Rocket League game

Implementing the mentioned player prohibitions will truly motivate a healthy environment and a good playfield in Rocket League game. When you report a certain player in the game, here are some categories for you to choose to report:

Verbal Text Harassment (consisting of offensive language, flooding and so on)
Unsportsmanlike conduct (consisting of intended dislocation of the game, AFK’ers, and so on)
Cheating (consisting of rival conspiracy, smurfing and so on)
There is none tolerance policy to any kinds of disturbance, and the offenders that are reported will be prohibited at will. The period of time of the player prohibitions for any valid reason will be also at will. Furthermore, it could involve the everlasting prohibitions if proper. If you are prohibited more frequently, the every single later ban will be much longer, consisting of an ultimate never-ending ban.

Along with the introduction of new Crates and Keys system in the game, you should bear in mind that Crate Farming – the players engaging in matches and having no objective to play with teammates 0 won’t be permitted. Feel free to report a person that is crate farming throughout a match, and you can click “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” category” for this report.

Taking everything into account, everybody should know that Rocket League is a friendly game that always wants to connect all players from around the world to join amazing and healthy matches. All of the players should have wonderful experiences and unforgettable moments when playing Rocket League.

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