Five Useful Tips To Change From “Potato” To “Pro” In Rocket League

Five Useful Tips To Change From “Potato” To “Pro” In Rocket League

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Rocket League game is approachable and available on three platforms, including Xbox One, PS4 as well as PC. If you are planning to join the game using one of those platforms, there are several useful tips you should learn so you can master the in-game rules as well as become a professional player that is able to take out all of your opponents. Below here are five tips for you to learn! Hopefully, they will help change your capability from Potato to Pro.

Beginner Tips

Should Not Skip the Training

A tutorial of the game will pop up in front of the seasoned gamers asking them if they want to take a look at the tutorial or not. The most given answers will be “No”, and after that, they will jump into the arena straightly. This is such a risk as the players, or newbies won’t know much about the game, and they will find it hard to challenge other players. Hence, it will be better if the players have a look at the tutorials and the training drills prior to engaging in the arena. Even if when you’re done the drills, you should continue training your abilities whenever you log on.

Utilize Ballcam

It’s not easy to get familiar with Ballcam when you are new to Rocket League game. Most of the newbies will want to deactivate it in order to have easy and simple controls. However, you have no idea that using the ballcam will keep you save from a headache after that.  Ballcam plays a crucial role in the game, and it can be seen as an important element of field awareness and playing as a team successfully. Just feel free to turn on the ballcam, then you can spawn into Free Play.

 No need to worry about running out of boost

Every so often, you may experience an empty boost meter while playing, and you will be in need of covering the ground. If you want to make a speed boost when you run out of all boost, just quickly forward dodge, and this is the only useful way that helps retrieve your boost back. When utilizing a controller, you should click the left stick and perform the double jump. Doing so will help you flip your way to supersonic speeds in just a bit.

Have a grasp of your role (for Kickoffs)

As you know, kickoffs are taken to be very serious and important in Rocket League game. You may wish to charge the ball at every single kickoff at the beginning of the game. However, you know that there is only one teammate from every team that has to pilot for the ball at the start. The players that are placed from the ball in a diagonal way will be in the perfect place to challenge for the star. You should utilize the Quick Chat function in the game to inform your teammates that you are about to play for the kickoff (I’ve Got It) or protect the goal (“Defending”).

Stay watchful for the Wall Shot

Make sure that you always be aware of the wall shots which are very tough and hard, especially when you are initially beginning. Your goal can be unprotected due to only one missed wall shot, and it normally leads to the goal for your rival.

Five Useful Tips To Change From “Potato” To “Pro” In Rocket League

Additional tips

Landing on your Wheels

Rocket League game will make you feel like you are in the air more regularly as you make a progress. Even if you are trying to have an aerial shot, a breathtaking save or a wall hit, you should always attempt to land wheels down.

Make a good use of the Air Roll button (Square on PS4, X for Xbox One). Try to hit the button only once for the air roll, and you should hit it in the direction that you wish to air roll simultaneously. Now, you are in a proper and perfect position for playing when landing that way.

The Strength of the Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

You already learned that Rocket League game is a physics-based sports game that brings you so many actions. When you are at faster speeds, you will have to make decisions in a very brief moment of time and surely it’s inevitable for you to make mistakes. The discrepancy between winning or losing can be the spiritual courage for getting over. It’s completely fine for you to miss a shot, but you shouldn’t panic or sweat if your teammates miss a save. The team spirit is a big element in a competitive play. Therefore, you and your teammates need to have a mutual understanding as well as always support each other. That’s enough to help you become a professional player.

Taking everything into account, the big fans of Rocket League, as well as the newbies of the game, should learn all of the tips mentioned above before jumping into the playfield directly. Having a grasp of tips will help you play the game better and you will find it easy to handle the challenges in the game.

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